Oakland Raiders WR: Make Or Break It Time

Holdon JohnsonCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2009

With the upcoming football coming around Raider fans seem interested in the wide receiver battle that is going on. Will the Raiders be able to put up better numbers in the passing then they did last year? Hopefully but we will just have to see.

At the wide reciever postion we have Schiliens, JLH, DHB, Walker, Murphy and a few others that will either be low on the depth chart or won't make the team.

By far our best receiver in my mind right now is Schiliens the way he played at the end of the season when curry and walker got injured. He stepped right up and did a pretty good job for his limited playing time. He has the best qualities of the receivers that's if Javon is even healthy but its not very likely. Schiliens has the height and speed he can jump for the ball and also burn corners.

The number 2 receiver is a throw up between DHB and Walker and that depends on if Javon is back from his injury and can actually play and how things go during preseason. If DHB doesn't get it then I'm sure he will play slot put they have to make sure that he gets his time on the field because as long as he is on the field then the defense has to account for his speed and that any time he can bust loose and score a TD.

If javon isnt back then i think that leaves JLH in the slot he showed that he play that position by running short routes and breaking free for large chunks of yards and also has the speed to burn corners also.

Murphy im my mind right now is just going to be a back up and will get a little playing time but not much. unless someone gets hurt then he might.

But of all these wide recievers i dont think any of them will do as good as the one and only Zach Miller he has great hands barely does he drop a pass and him and Jmarc really had something going last year where that was his most reliable target and i look for that to happen again this year but this time only better and maybe a pro bowl this year and if not this year then definietly sometime in the future.