LeBron James Odds: Where Will He Play in 2015 After Opting out of Contract?

OddsShark.comFeatured ColumnistJune 25, 2014

Miami Heat's LeBron James pauses during a news conference in Miami, Tuesday, June 17, 2014. James says he's going on vacation with his family before making any decisions about his future. The Miami Heat held their season-wrapup team meeting on Tuesday afternoon and one of the biggest questions is about the future of the roster. James could become a free agent in a couple of weeks and the four-time MVP says he still has not thought about his plans.(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)
Alan Diaz/Associated Press

Whether it was a real earthquake or just a tremor to wake up Miami Heat management, the announcement by LeBron James Tuesday that he would opt out of his contract sent shock waves through NBA fandom.

It also put oddsmakers on high alert and induced some sportsbooks to take down their 2015 NBA future odds lists until the situation settles a bit.

Shops such as Bodog took down their lines, while others kept Miami as the clear top betting choice. One also posted odds on which team LeBron will play for in 2015, and their opinion seemed to be that he won’t leave South Florida.

One shop had Miami as the 1-6 bet, with the Cleveland Cavaliershis hometown teamas the next top choice at 5-1.

The fate of James was the only topic of fan and oddsmaker attention Wednesday. Carmelo Anthony has been rumored to be interested in the Chicago Bulls and early odds favor Chicago, with his current team running second.

And Thursday's NBA draft continues to generate buzz and NBA props. There are rumors of teams trying to move into the top few spots, where Cleveland and Milwaukee currently hold the keys to Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins.

The injury to Joel Embiid has disturbed the top of the draft order, as some teams are expected to shy away from the Kansas big man because of his checkered injury history.


LeBron James odds on where he will play next season (gathered by OddsShark.com):

Chicago Bulls                  +1500

Cleveland Cavaliers         +500

Dallas Mavericks              +3000

Houston Rockets              +1000

Los Angeles Clippers        +700

Los Angeles Lakers          +2500

Miami Heat                       -600

New York Knicks               +2500


Where will Carmelo Anthony play in 2015?

Chicago Bulls                    -250

New York Knicks               +225

Miami Heat                       +300

Houston Rockets               +750

Los Angeles Lakers           +1500

Dallas Mavericks               +1500

Atlanta Hawks                   +2000

Stats, odds courtesy of Odds Shark and NBA-Odds.com.