Did Luis Suarez Attempt to Bite Giorgio Chiellini in 2013 Confederations Cup?

The big news out of Tuesday's World Cup matches was that Uruguay's Luis Suarez appeared to bite Italy centre-back Giorgio Chiellini.

FIFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against the forward, who has twice been banned for biting incidents before.

But is this the second time Suarez has picked the same target? As reported by David Kent of the Daily Mail, it appears the controversial Liverpool man may have attempted to bite Chiellini a year ago in the Confederations Cup.

In a series of photos taken by Getty Images, you can see Suarez behind Chiellini's shoulder and an immediate angry reaction from the Italian.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Claudio Villa/Getty Images
Claudio Villa/Getty Images

It's impossible to tell what Suarez did to offend Chiellini from still images, but it certainly begs the question if they have a history. 

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