Marshawn Lynch Hits the Links for Charity, Doesn't Want to Talk Football, Boss

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 24, 2014

NFL Network

Picture Charles Barkley with less hesitation—that’s Marshawn Lynch’s golf swing. reports that the Seattle Seahawks running back hosted his second annual “Big Golf Game” charity event this past weekend, allowing him an opportunity to show off his designated hitter-style golf swing and squash any notions that he might be ready to loosen up around reporters.

Our own Kenny Dorset has crafted some GIFs of Lynch’s tee shots, which look more like an attempt at playing T-ball than a golf swing. 



Nonetheless, it was awfulness for a good cause, and the notoriously cagey running back wasn’t going to let the event turn into a press conference about his offseason plans.

The NFL Network's Omar Ruiz was at the event and asked Lynch, who is currently in a half-holdout situation with the Seahawks, if he’s excited to attend the team’s mandatory training camp.

“We’ll talk about that when that time comes, boss,” Lynch said. 

“Boss.” If that word were patentable, Lynch would be all over it.

As for his soft holdout, Lynch reported to Seahawks minicamp to avoid a $70,000 fine, per Jeffri Chadiha of He’s not one to waste money by missing engagements, though Chadiha believes there could be issues down the road if the Seahawks don’t restructure Lynch’s contract to reflect his contribution to the team’s recent success. 

“The last thing the Seahawks want to do is upset Lynch,” Chadiha writes. “He’s a popular, strong-willed player who could easily become difficult if he felt like he was being disrespected.” 

Will the Seahawks cave and shell out? Will Lynch balk if they don’t?

I don’t know, boss. But the man isn’t letting anyone in on what he’s thinking or what he plans to do. 

Chances are that Lynch won’t say anything when he does make a decision. He’s about action, and walking off without a word is more his style than holding a press conference to voice his displeasure.


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