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Lynch Returns to Stacked SEA Offense

By Tyson Langland (Photo: USA Today)

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    Lynch Ends Holdout, Reports to Camp

    by Timothy Rapp

    The Seattle Seahawks have largely had a strong offseason after winning the Super Bowl last year. They re-signed Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, managed to keep most of their big-name ... Read More »

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    Marshawn's Mom Is NOT Happy

    by Dan Carson

    Marshawn Lynch 's mother, Delisa, is very, very angry. The woman who brought Beast Mode into this world isn’t taking kindly to a recent ESPN article suggesting the Seattle Seahawks could still... Read More »

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    Lynch Is Hurting Himself, Hawks with Holdout

    by Ari Kramer

    For someone so concerned about money, Marshawn Lynch has not been prudent in his holdout. The Seattle Seahawks running back wants more upfront, guaranteed money in 2014, according to Bob Co... Read More »

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    Latest Buzz on NFL Rumors

    by Joseph Zucker

    Most fans will agree that the worst part of the NFL season is that it ends. With nothing to fill the void, the summer is generally dotted with filler stories that everybody forgets about after a fe... Read More »

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    Latest Buzz on NFL Rumors

    by Sean ODonnell

    NFL training camps are just getting underway, but there's no shortage of season-altering storylines involving key players from several franchises... Read More »