Giant Thoughts on 2008 Draft

glenn warciskiCorrespondent IMay 2, 2008

After reading many articles and hearing Giants GM Jerry Reese on WFAN, I think they targeted the back seven of their defense. Although I think the Giants received value, Reese has admitted that picking at the bottom of each round can be disconcerting. By the time the Giants made their selection(s), the higher rated players had already been selected.

I am happy with their selection of safety Kenny Phillips. Having seen him play here at the University of Miami, I feel he is a good player but not a play maker. In his three years at the U., he only had seven interceptions. He does has have good size and speed and I think he will match up well against most tight ends. Needless to say, I  think he will help improve our coverage on the fantastic TE's in the division. ( Cowboys Jason Witten, Eagles L.J. Smith, and Redskin Chris Cooley and their pick out of USC Fred Davis)

Terrell Thomas, Bryan Kehl, and Jonathon Goff were added to provide depth to the roster as well as help improve our special teams. As I stated in my draft preview, I thought we needed another corner based on age (Sam Madison) and uncertainty (Corey Webster).

Thomas is like Webster. Both players have long arm spans. Both can guard tall receivers in the league, notably T.O. and Braylon Edwards.( we play Cleveland this year.)


Because of Toomer is playing perhaps his last year with the Giants, the enigma that is Sinorice Moss, and unproven Michael Jennings, I thought the selection of Manningham was a prudent choice. We need another potential threat at the wide receiver position. Nonetheless, this would also let defenses know we have another guy besides Plaxico who can stretch the field. From yeasterday's NY Daily News, I think Moss is all talk. I would like to see some action out of this guy. Hopefully, he can back his words with deeds.

On QB Andre Woodson, I think he will be a better pro than Jesse "The Bachelor" Palmer. I think the Giants have been sniffing around at finding a young back up to Eli Manning. I think Woodson will make the team unless unless he is absolutely terrible in camp. If Eli would go down with an injury, I have no confidence in David Carr or "The Hefty Lefty". I do have confidence in Wright. He has a history of playing well in this league.

Please look on my blog. I have updated the list of undrafted free agents the Giants have signed. If one looks at the list, the Giants inked offensive and defensive tackles. We will see if any of these guys will be a "diamond in the rough".

I know defensive line is a strength. If Strahan does retire, we would have 4 players removed from last year's roster. I do not know much about Robert Henderson. I have placed a call to a SEC source. Once I speak to him, I will divulge more information about him. Henderson can play both end and tackle. If he performs well in camp, I think he will make the team. In addition, Coughlin only dresses three defensive tackles for each game. If for some reason one of these guys gets injured, (Robbins, Alford, or Cofield) Henderson may play a critical role on this team.


I thought the Giants were going to draft an offensive tackle for depth purposes. Looking at the roster, Guy Whimper looks like he will back up David Diehl and Adam Koets ( only pick from Reese's golden class of 07 who did not play because of injury) will be RT Kareem Mckenzie's back up. Remember, starting guard Rich Seubert was an undrafted rookie out of Western Illinois. These undrafted rookies are perhaps long shots at making the team; however, it is not out of the ordinary, one of them can make the team. Stay tuned.

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