HS Student Trolls LeBron James with Cramp Moment During Graduation Ceremony

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There’s always one in every class.

Every group of seniors has “that guy”—the kid who lives to clown in front of the assembled masses of his peers. These jokers are a vital part of the high school ecosystem, and while most aim their antics toward the teachers and faculty, a class clown from Northeast Ohio took aim at LeBron James during his school’s graduation ceremony. 

Rick Chandler of SportsGrid spotted a video of the moment, which involved a jab at James’ cramps in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Chandler reports that the young man’s name is Logan Price, and as you can see in the video, he and the residents of Ohio have yet to forgive James for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Price walks to the stage but “cramps up” about halfway to his destination. Fortunately, his buddies are on hand to carry him the rest of the way. Everything about this gag is solid (if not tired) until Price over-explains the joke at the podium. 

“Sorry, I cramped up there,” Price says. “I guess a lot of us from Northeast Ohio can’t take the heat.”

That’s all you need. Clean joke. Move on.

“I’m talking about you, LeBron,” Price adds. 

No! You were doing good, young sir. You didn't have to throw a disclaimer on it. 

Moving past the last remark, the overall gag seemed to work. Price knew his audience and struck while the iron was hot—or warm-ish.

On the Twitters.

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