Why the NFL Should Expand to England: Dispelling Each Doubt

Mike KentSenior Writer IJuly 1, 2009

LONDON - OCTOBER 26: A general view during the Bridgestone International Series NFL match between San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints at Wembley Stadium on October 26, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Paul Harding - Pool/Getty Images)

Every year, the NFL has games in England, and they seem to be very successful. It looks like many fans in England are interested in the NFL; just look at the way they show up to the NFL games there.

All this begs a natural question: Should the NFL expand to England?

There are a few reasons why some people will say "No" to this idea; here are a five of them.

1. You cant ask players to fly back and forth to England every week; it is not fair to the players (or coaching staff).

2. It may never catch on there, so why take the risk?

3. Now is not the time to try new things with the economy's downfall.

4. There will be scheduling problems due to not having an even number of teams, not to mention the difference in time zone.

5. The NFL is perfect; we do not need it to change.

I do not think that these are good reasons to let go of this idea when there are so many positives to doing this.

But before we go to why, let's look for answers to the why nots.

About the poor players flying back and forth between the US and England, I think that it is not asking too much.

It's not every day that they will be flying; just twice in a week when applicable. It's not baseball, so you only have one game each week.

These players make a lot of money. They are already flying twice a week, and it's not that bad to add some travel time if you are making millions of dollars. We are not asking them to slay a dragon.

About the risk of it not catching up in England, I do not agree. I think that this game has the potential to be big in England.

England has great people and great soccer/football fans. Why can't they be great American football fans? I know this sounds like kissing up to England, but we need to give their fans the respect they deserve.

And it is not that far away; it's only about 2,000 miles.

And what about the economy?

Is this a bad idea in this time?

I do not think so; it looks like things are slowly getting better with the economy. So the NFL does not need to expand to England right now. They can wait three or four years before even announcing it.

What about the uneven number of teams? Well, the answer is easy.

You guys will say I am crazy, but why not add two team to England?

One in London, where the population is 7,172,091, and one in Birmingham or Liverpool. As long as it is in the Metropolitan district where the population is 2,284,093. (Correct me if I am wrong; I am reading this in Wikipedia.)

And with the people that say the NFL is perfect and that making change is a waste of time, I do not agree.

Yes, the NFL is great. The NFL is the most successful sport in the USA, but it can always get better.

Having a team in England means more fans, more games, more love of the game, and, at the end of the day, more fun. And that is why the NFL should do this...it has so much upside.

Think about it: You can plan a summer vacation to England and match it up with when your team is going to play there.

It would be amazing. Let's get this message to Roger Goodell.

Football to England!