Daniel Bryan Should Settle His Unfinished Business with Kane When He Recovers

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

With Daniel Bryan currently out of action due to his recent neck injury, the top end of the WWE's roster is in an incredibly delicate position at the moment.

Clearly the issue surrounding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will not be resolved before the Payback pay-per-view, which means there will be no championship match at the showa strange scenario, it has to be said.

Whether Bryan is stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship or not, he should not be rushed into another rivalry of note before putting to bed his past demons.

Bryan is a supremely talented worker and would be an excellent foil for some of the WWE's top up-and-coming heel characters. However, he very much has unfinished business with Kane, and he should put his troubles with his former tag partner to bed before moving on.

In all honesty, it is a crying shame that the rivalry was curtailed due to Bryan's neck injurybecause it had some shoots of encouragement before the cruel, cruel blow.

Sure, Kane was never going to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but he brought an interesting dynamic to the championship picture that very few men have done over the last year or so.

He pushed Bryan to the limit on both a mental and psychological level, and it was pretty compelling viewing. We have seen something similar when Kane feuded with the recently pushed Zack Ryder a couple of years ago, and you get the impression Kaneand WWE Creativehave learned from the mistakes they made during that feud.

It resulted in Ryder's push being completely destroyed, but that would not happen again. Kane was doing a pretty good job of increasing Bryan's popularity and was helping to get him even more over than he was before with the crowd.

Of course, the heat Kane was generating was giving his career a welcome push, too—especially after a dismal few months where he resorted to wearing a suit and tie.

Often, an injury can sometimes provide welcome relief for a rivalry in professional wrestlingespecially one that was botched together at the last minute like Kane vs. Bryan was.

However, the rivalry was going so well that it is important the WWE revisit it as soon as Bryan is fully fit once again. The introduction of Brie Bella as a third party made for even more interesting viewing and was a fantastic addition to the feud.

Bryan may not be thrust straight back into the championship picture immediately, and that would be a great window of opportunity to capitalize for the WWE.

Bryan vs. Kane was one of those rivalries that just didn't seem to work at first, but it really ended up becoming a compelling feud. When Bryan makes his comeback, the story should be completely finished before being simply discarded. Both men deserve it.