Bray Wyatt Should Win the World Title in 2014

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 27, 2014


If 2014 truly is going to be Bray Wyatt’s breakout year, the star absolutely has to challenge for—and win—the WWE World Heavyweight Championship sometime soon.

Payback will hopefully mark the end of the long-running John Cena/Wyatt program. After three pay-per-view matches in a row, it is simply time for both men to move on.

Ideally, Wyatt will emerge victorious on June 1—Cena doesn’t need the win anyway—and head into the summer with renewed momentum and a push into the World title scene.

Why not give the former Nexus wrestler a run with the belt?


Frankly, Daniel Bryan needs a new challenger. (Assuming he can keep the World title past the Payback event, of course.) The sooner his unspeakably awful feud with Kane is dropped and forgotten about the better for everyone.

Besides, as evidenced by their brief program at the beginning of the year, Bryan and Wyatt actually have very strong chemistry together. Their stellar bout at the Royal Rumble in January was easily one of the highlights of the whole card.

Their promo segments are intriguing, too: the nice, down-to-earth Bryan contrasts quite well with Wyatt’s deranged, rambling madman character.


And who says Wyatt even has to enter the main event scene as a heel? Judging by how eager some of the fans have been to sing along with him on recent episodes of Raw and SmackDown, turning him face is also a possible option.

(His vicious bullying of announcer Jerry Lawler on Monday’s Raw appeared to be an attempt by WWE to solidify him as a heel and turn the crowd against him.)

OK, so some of the warm reactions to him are almost certainly the long-lingering anti-Cena resentment, but there is something appealing about the cool and anti-authority Wyatt. It’s easy to see why people are starting to like him.

Could the charismatic star, as well as Luke Harper and Erik Rowan, turn babyface soon? Well, stranger things have happened.

Another reason Wyatt absolutely has to win the belt soon is so he doesn’t lose any momentum.

We have seen Cesaro’s career stall, despite a big win at WrestleMania XXX and a professional association with Paul Heyman, because the company refuses to put him in the main event scene and give him a shot at the belt.


Hopefully Wyatt can avoid a similar fate.

The company has something special in him right now, and it has to capitalize on it. Surely Vince McMahon has to realize this?

Make no mistake about it: If Wyatt doesn’t win the title this year, something is very wrong with WWE’s current booking direction.