The Real Oakland Raiders 2009-2010

KC AngsterContributor IJune 27, 2009

Over the past 6 years, The Oakland Raiders have been plain out mess! From losing the Super Bowl in 2002 until now!

2003 Oakland Raiders-Fans didn't know what to expect! i'm sure they weren't expecting this,

What even hurts more is 7 of those games were lost by a touchdown or less! Real Oakland fans know what was going on that season so no need for me too give a reason why Rick Mirer was playing quarterback most of the season! Bill Callahan gets fired!

2004 Oakland Raiders

Norv Turner's first year in Oakland was a mess, even though the team showed improvement!Oakland improves by 1 win, Derrick Brooks ends Gannons career, and Kerry Collins comes in as back up to still give Oakland fans hope! 

2005 Oakland Raiders

With the Addition of Randy Moss too go along with Kerry Collins strong arm and RB Lamont Jordan! The Oakland Raiders played the New England Patriots opening night. Started off 10-0 Oakland, there was signs of hope that night for the 1st quarter! the rest of the game was the Tom Brady show. 30-20 PATS! From there on they still showed signs of hope! barely losing the next 2 games in the 4th, but after, won the next 3 out of 4 games! Look Oakland is 4 and 6, there is still hope! Then things just became a disaster! The team lost every game the rest of the season. Norv Turner was fired! You thought it couldn't get any worse! Think again!

2006 Oakland Raiders

2 and 14 that's all i have too say! Losing Charles Woodson in offseason, but no worries he left! The 2003 31st overall draft pick Nnamdi Asomugha recorded a career high 8 interception! The Oakland Raiders Defense was ranked 3rd in the league! Showing signs of life from their 7th overall draft pick Michael Huff! Yet known probably as the worst season ever recorded in Oakland Raiders history, giving us the 1st round draft pick of the 07 NFL Draft, Art Shell was fired!

2007 Oakland Raiders

Lane Kiffin was hired, former USC offensive coordinator! Jamarcus Russell was drafted 1st overall, Strong armed quarterback go along with the most talented tight end in the draft Zach Miller! The Defense was set and Lane was hired to give a spark too the team as he did the high powered USC Trojans Offense. Played the Lions game 1 and here we go again! Due to the Jamarcus Russell hold out, Josh McCown starts at QB against the Detroit Lions. The Lions jumped out to a 17-0 start, and in the 3rd quarter Oakland cored 14 straight points too cut the Lions lead too 3. Start of 4th quarter Oakland takes the lead! 21-17 but from there on Detroit would score 19 points too go off to win 36-21. In the first 4 games Oakland would go 2-2 and on top of the AFC West.A position they have not been in for a very long time. They would play the Chargers the next game. L.T. would run wild on the defense and the Chargers would go on to win 28-14.  The Oakland Raiders defense was a no show half of the season. Very inconsistant at stopping the run, injuries, and blown assignments. The offense was ranked dead last in the league. Switching Quarterbacks Daunte Culpepper and Josh McCown different weeks. Jamarcus hold out finally came to an end. The Raiders would win the game against the Broncos in week 12. Jamarcus would also come into game and complete his first NFL pass of his career. With Oakland not in the playoff picture once again. Ending the season 4-12 and earning the 4th overall draft pick for 2008 NFL Draft. They had alot of regrouping to do in the Off season.


2008 Oakland Raiders

Oh boy does Oakland have very high hopes for this season. In addition of 4th overall draft pick Darren McFadden, Cornerback Deangelo Hall, Safety Gibril Wilson and Wide Receiver Jevon Walker, fans couldn't wait too see their Oakland team to get on the field. High hopes, but those hopes would come to an end fast.

With a very long embarrising season, The Oakland Raider would end up 5-11. Releasing Deangelo Hall who struggled but was showing improvement in the man to man defense the Oakland Raiders like to play. Lane Kiffin was fired Week 5 and Offensive line coach Tom Cable takes over. Over the spand of the Tom Cable Era. These Oakland Raiders were embarressed throughout most of the games. Jamarcus Russell didn't have any productive Receivers, besides Tight End Zach Miller. Yet the final 2 games they showed everyone they can still compete. Beating the Texans, who they have never beat in Franchise History and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who were fighting for playoff berth.

So now is there high hopes for The Oakland Raiders for the 2009-2010 season? The off season was very positive for the Oakland Raiders. But in the past 4 year spand, was it really the players fault they did so bad? Was it the man upstairs that is always accused of running the show? Al, needs to take more time worrying about how dedicated the player is, then their 40 yard dash. Well, resigning Pro Bowlers Nnamdi Asomugha and Shane Lechler wasn't a bad start. Getting Lineman Khalif Barnes to sign a 1 year contract. Resigning Chris Johnson, who did a good job on the other side of Nnamdi. Yet the draft comes, and 1st round draft pick Darrius Heyward Bey has a load on his shoulders. Especially being the first receiver off the board! Mike Mitchell, the 2nd round draft pick, who could have been a Late Round draft pick was selected by the Oakland Raiders. It's clear he has talent because if Oakland didn't take him, Chicago was.

All of those names, do they make you really think Oakland is going to turn it around this season? What if they don't? What's next for the Raiders? Every season Oakland fans want to win and are expecting too win! So you tell me, what are your thoughts on next season and if it's another 4-12, 5-11 season what's next for the Oakland Raiders?..........You tell me