Steve Kerr Has Sadly Surrendered The Phoenix Suns 2009-2010 Season

MR. MARKCorrespondent IJune 26, 2009

Phoenix Suns' General Manager Steve Kerr, has officially surrendered the 2009-2010 season.

With Shaquille O'Neal's departure from the desert, it's apparent that the Suns will further dismantle their current team.

Furthermore, trade talks involving Amare Stoudemire are stronger than ever. 

It's unfortunate how the Suns' have fallen from glory, and even more unfortunate because it's all one man's own doing.

Steve Kerr is far from popular in Phoenix, but he'll be more than despised for the entire upcoming season.

Everybody remembers when the Phoenix Suns were easily, the most exciting team to watch in basketball. Everybody also remembers when Kerr would end the "Run N' Gun" era, signaled by the acquisition of Shaq.

In all fairness, it was actually reasonable for Kerr to bring in the Big Cactus. (Not necessarily the best move, but it was reasonable) Time and time again, the Suns just had no answer for Tim Duncan.

While Steve Nash and Raja Bell succeeded against Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, in essence it was completely Tim Duncan's fault as to why the Suns never achieved success.

Something just had to be done.

Ultimately O'Neal was not the answer, but any fair minded individual realizes that it was a reasonable mistake.

However, giving up the Suns' best player for practically nothing is something that shouldn't sit well with anyone in Phoenix. (Cap room means nothing, as it doesn't guarantee future success whatsoever)

Remember that Phoenix was still a strong playoff contending team for the upcoming season.

The Suns missed the playoffs mainly due to Amare Stoudemire's absence, easily one of the top three power forwards in the league today.

Composed of multi-time All Stars at the center, forward, and point guard positions, the Phoenix Suns still had the ability to go deep within the playoffs.

Unfortunately, Steve Kerr ended all that.

Within the coming days, Amare Stoudemire is almost certain to be dumped for cap room and garbage pieces.

To make matters worse, Steve Nash will not be pleased to be with a rebuilding team. Being at the tail end of his career, the Phoenix Suns will not contend for the NBA Title any time soon.

Nash has seemed surprisingly open about leaving the Phoenix Suns, possibly in search for his first NBA Title.

Nash could very well opt out and become a member of the 2010 free agent class.  

Nevertheless, all hope for next season is completely lost.

The Phoenix Suns will face certain dissapoinments in the coming season, and uncertain rewards in the long term.

All thanks to G.M. Steve Kerr, who coincidentally just happens to be a former San Antonio Spur.