Why The Oakland Raiders Have a Chance at Winning The AFC West

Holdon JohnsonCorrespondent IJune 25, 2009

fist is that the division isnt all that great. the chiefs are now in the rebuilding process, the chargers are probably the team to beat but the Raiders still can because they are now getting older. LT isnt the same as he used to be. The Broncos who really knows there in quite a mess with getting rid of Cutler and now Marshall wants a trade, Orton isnt as good as a QB as cry baby cutler.

The Raiders are a young team with some weapons on offense and defense.

Lets start on the offensive side they have Jmarc which is a make it or break it season for him if improves from last year and makes the strides into being the leader then all the pieces will fit together and their offense will gel. Then they have great depth at running back. We have Fargas who will pick up as much yardage as he can he will fight for every foot. Then we have the elusive Mcfadden who can break free at any time and score a td. Then the smash mouth Bush who can run over tacklers and can also beat some defenders with his speed as he showed against Tampa. At wide reciever we have Schiliens, JLH, DHB, Walker, Murphy. I think that Schiliens will be the number 1 wide reciever from what we have seen at the end of the season and in OTA's. hoepfully DHB will be pretty good and be able to burn backs for td's with Jmarcs cannon arm. JLH in the slot which he did pretty good last year as he was our leader for wr in catches and yards. But our best target is our soon to be pro bowl TE Zach Miller he can run great routes catches everything and is always open a very reliable targer for Jmarc. As long as the offensive line does its job and gives Russel time to throw there offense can finally break out this season.

Now to the defensive side which is pretty good but they just didn't show it last year so hopefully our new defensive coach can help. They didn't blitz enough last year and gave the QB all day to throw. Lets start with hands down the best CB in the game nnamdi asomugha. He would have a better season int wise if people actually threw his way but they don't. he pretty much makes sure no one catches the ball on one side of the field and Chris Johnson isn't so bad him self so i expect things from those 2 next year. I'm not really sure who will be starting at safety but if huff doesn't do well again then i say start the young guys branch and Mitchell there both fast and Mitchell can sure as hell hit and branch proved last year before he got hurt that he can play and make ints. We have good linebackers and hopefully the ones from 2 years ago show up because Morrison had 5 ints and Howard had 6 last year they didn't do as well and let too many running backs through but that was partially on the d line which wasn't too good at all. hopefully Kelly can live up to his contract and do a hell of a lot better and i  hope that Trevor Scott starts because he is young and hustles on every play and showed in the few games he played in that he can play he recorded 5 sacks which was tied for the team lead and he didn't start.

These are the reasons why i think that the Raiders can actuallly do it this year so tell me if you agree or disagree. thanks