MMA News Gina Carano Rejects UFC Offer, Cyborg Mad, Michael Jackson Dies

Margus LCorrespondent IJune 25, 2009

If you have read my earlier article about women's MMA- you already know that earlier this week Gina Carano made news by rejecting UFC President Dana White's offer for employment by calling it a "Freak Show One Woman Act".

This however did not make her next opponent, Christiane "Cyborg" Santos, very happy because she is training very hard, working very hard to win fights, and she was very upset that Gina gets all the offers while she is ready to fight, she is ready to knock down pretty girls any day of the week, in fact Chris Cyborg was so upset that she choked out reporter in 3 seconds!

Not to be outdone by her arch rival, Gina Carano replied with choking out another poor reporter, and adding the demonstration of 8 blows in 3 seconds with 4800 pounds of force (punches 650 pounds, kicks 800 pounds). Gina is ready for the war, as you can see from the picture.

On related news - Brock Lesnar is rumored to hit with 1350 pounds of force while Shane Carwin's punching power is around 1200. Carwin called Lesnar a "freaking liar" - Brock and Shane are destined to meet in the octagon now to test out their punching power on each others faces.

Women's MMA is definitely heating up - casualties so far: 2 television reporters. Word of advice - next time when you interview MMA women - please hire some bodyguards! We can only imagine what horrors await ahead in the time from now till August 15th Strikeforce event between Gina Carano and Chris Cyborg Santos.

In unrelated news: 50 year old Michael Jackson passed away, as first reported by TMZ and confirmed in LA Times.