3 Things FeMMA Needs To Shun Away From Freak Show One Woman Act

Margus LCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

Recently Gina Carano called Dana White's offer to hire him "Freak Show One Woman Act"and as Dana White's newly found supporter I take great offense to this even though I love Gina Carano. So without further ado - here are my 3 suggestions for female MMA which would help it to gain main stream audience (clues can also be found on the picture of this article):

1. Need more pretty MMA women fighters!

Where are all the hot woman fighters and what do they do - where can you see them fight? I know you girls are out there getting ready for big time - but I have not seen many of you yet.

2. Need women's heavyweight division

Well - it should be called open weight class as you do not want to insult over-sized women (what I always say about them is that there is more to love) - but who would not pay couple bucks for PPV where big moma's fight? I know I would

3. Put some make-up on!

Women look pretty with the make-up - so isn't there any kind of water-proof stuff they can use before the fights? I mean look at TNA girls - they are all pretty and in bikinis - just the way I like it. Even Cyborg looks almost like a woman with the make-up on - see for yourself if you do not believe me: Very funny video where Cyborg literally chokes out the interviewer.

Danas message: "Put out or shut up. Call me when you are ready for big time!"