WWE Should Create Stable of Frustrated Stars to Storm Company

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Back in February, WWE fans will have been bemused by former WWE Champion The Miz's antics, as he stopped a series of matches to interrupt commentary and launch a remarkable tirade on the company.

This happened on a couple of occasions, and fans will have been expecting something quite astonishing to develop from the almost "pipebomb" promos. However, in true WWE fashion, the storyline got shelved without any further mention.

However, the events that unfolded in and before the May 12 edition of Raw give the impression that the storyline could be about to rear its head once again.

Anyone who saw the pre-show will have seen an extraordinary rant from Damien Sandow, who went off on a rant about his lack of opportunities in the company and the state of the WWE. In fact, he even continued it somewhat just before his match on Raw later that night.

And the bizarre implosions from WWE stars continued when Alicia Fox went crazy after she lost out to WWE Divas Champion Paige on Raw, as she attempted to destroy the commentary table. She later went onto the WWE App and launched a tirade of her own.

With all these scenarios unfolding, the WWE should—if they aren't already, of course—jump on this bandwagon, and create a stable of incredibly frustrated stars to storm the WWE.

In all fairness, you could pick a whole host of people to join the stable, and it would probably be an interesting angle to work. With Damien Sandow and Alicia Fox the two most recently outspoken stars, they could join the likes of The Miz and perhaps even Dolph Ziggler in creating a group.

It would be a really fresh angle to go down, meaning there would naturally be plenty of interest in the storyline. And if you throw guys who have popularity like Dolph Ziggler into the mix, there is going to be plenty of heat on the stable as they go on a mission for justice.

Ziggler would make a great ringleader of such a stable.
Ziggler would make a great ringleader of such a stable.Credit: WWE.com

If you had the group taking out fellow midcarders in a way similar to how The Shield began life in the WWE, then you would have a real angle on your hands.

With the way the WWE roster has been of late—with people such as Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker returning on a merely part-time basis—it would be interesting to see the stable be given the creative freedom to reference things like that and shoot off against the WWE. That is what gets the fans interested in angles like this—just ask CM Punk and his infamous "pipebomb" promo.

New angles and new segments should be what the WWE is craving to create all the time. By grouping together a bunch of stars who are hugely frustrated with their chances in the WWE, it would give fans an opportunity to see their natural frustrations play out in a kayfabe scenario. It would give fresh impetus to a whole host of stars in the middle of the card—and that is what fans demand for all the time.