UFC Comes Full Circle with 100

James HizonaCorrespondent INovember 25, 2016

Hello MMA fans and fighters! I am "Balistik" and this is "MMA ALL THE WAY!" Today's topic of discussion is about the 100th UFC PPV show that will happen on Saturday, June 11th live in Las Vegas.

Before I jump into the UFC card, I just want to thank everybody who enjoys MMA as a viewer or as a participant. As a former MMA competitor and an eternal fan of the sport. UFC 100 is something that makes me proud of all the blood, sweat, and tears that so many people shed to in order to reach such a feat.

I just started Jiu-Jitsu in '93 and no one had a clue what this Ultimate Fighting Championship was all about. That was 16 years ago, now the UFC and the MMA World is quickly escalating into one of the biggest sports ever worldwide. Lets see what this historical day has in store for us.

Lets start with the Heavyweight Championship match up between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. I am huge fans of both of these fighters and the fact that it is for the undisputed heavyweight championship makes it that much sweeter.

Brock is still learning the game, but his raw talent and the fact that he is a freaking beast is quickly carving a path of destruction where ever he goes. Brock's striking has stepped up and his octagon composure is becoming more and more evident.

When he beat Randy Couture for the Heavyweight Championship, it just solidified the fact that he is for real and that if you underestimate him, you are either suicidal or lived in a cave. It will be very interesting to see if Brock will take Mir down early.

True, "Ground and Pound" is very effective to win a match, and it is even more effective when you are half human/ half bear. But Brock has to remember that Mir is most dangerous on his back.

But will we see a ground game from Brock that can neutralize Mir's ground game? Every match that Brock has been in since he lost his UFC debut match to Mir, he has shown vast improvements in his game. But are those improvements enough to stop Frank Mir? 

Mir looked fantastic against Antonio Nogueira when they fought for the interim title back in December at UFC 92. I thought we were going to see a display of Jiu-Jitsu chess between Mir and Nogueira.

Instead for the first time, I saw "Big Nog" get his "noggin" knocked out by superb striking from Mir. To me I thought that the stand up game of Mir was just average. After that match, I was like "holy @#$%"! Now he has a sick stand up game to go with a sick ground game?! Uh oh. Look out heavyweights! This is a new and improved Frank Mir.

I am not sure if Mir's will want to bang with Brock on the feet, but after his match with Nogueira, I wouldn't be surprised. Many critics were writing Mir off when he started his comeback from a career threatening motorcycle accident.

It wasn't until he made a beast called Brock Lesnar tap out to a knee bar for those same critics to silence themselves. Now Mir must prove to the world that he is the best in his division.

In my opinion, this match up can go either way. Brock can rely on his brute strength and his natural killer instinct to literally beat up Mir into submission. Mir can use his experience along with his new and improved striking to set up his dangerous ground game to make the former collegiate wrestling phenom tap out again.

The only flaw about Mir is his conditioning. If that is the case then he has to finish the fight quick or Brock will eat him  alive.

Now the next match up is for the UFC Welterweight Championship between champion Georges St. Pierre and challenger Thiago Alves.

St. Pierre is out to prove that his last title defense against B.J. Penn was not because of questionable grease agents, but because of the fact that he is the future of the sport. Alves is out to prove to the world that there is a reason why he should be the next welterweight champion.

For Georges St. Pierre, beating Alves would eliminate the questions about his dominant, yet controversial victory over B.J. Penn. St. Pierre has quickly rose as one of the fighters to bring the UFC into the next decade.

His style of fighting is a pure testament of his training and discipline. His striking is to notch and his wrestling is outstanding. Georges' ground game is also a threat. He is about as "Ultimate" as an ultimate fighter can be.

As for Thiago Alves, the kid is on a seven fight winning streak which include top notch contenders such as Josh Koshcheck, Karo Parysian and welterweight legend Matt Hughes.

So far with his explosive style of fighting combined with the confidence fueled by the winning streak, we may have a match up that could be potentially nominated for fight of the year.

This match up is going to be explosive! Both guys love to bang and both like to put on a show. Now both of these fighters are not your average welterweights.  Both fighters can easily fight at middleweight because they are so huge for their weight-class. Both fighters have one punch knockout power.

Both fighters are very well with submissions as well as wrestling. The only edge that I would give is to St. Pierre on the ground. Alves ground game has yet to be put to the test and Georges is the perfect man to do the just that.

On to "The Ultimate Fighter" Season 10 match up pitting the Team USA Coach Dan Henderson against Team U.K. Coach Michael Bisping. This is an interesting match up. Bisping has had tremendous success since he dropped down to Middleweight.

He has literally walked through each of his opponents in his new division. He has great striking and his ground game has always been sound. A win over Henderson should put him directly into title contention.

Dan Henderson is known for his unbelievable wrestling skills and that sick left hand of his that acts as a concrete block that he swings towards his opponent's head. Plus I would like to see Bisping get his clock rung.

Don't get me wrong, I truly respect Bisping as a fighter and as a person, but I would just like to see him get "KTFO" for once. Dan may have the best chance than any other fighter would.

Finally I would like to give some shout outs to my hometown favorites, Indiana's own Jon Fitch and Jake O'brien. Fitch has the heart of a true warrior it is only a matter of time until there is a championship belt around his waist.

As for Jake O'brien, the Purdue college standout in wrestling has the potential to be one of the top heavyweights in the UFC. Good luck to both you!  Make Indiana proud! 

Well those are my thoughts for the Main Cards at UFC 100. Now comes the time to let me know your thoughts. Can Brock get avenge his only loss against Mir and officially start the "Lesnar Era"? Or will Frank once again beat Brock by knocking him out this time or making the beast tap out for a second time?

Can Georges St. Pierre put on another dominating performance silencing the his controversies? Or will we see another Welterweight Champion in Thiago Alves? Can Dan Henderson finally shut up Bisping in the octagon like he said he would during the show? Or is Bisping on a mission to get a title shot? Until then this is "Balistik" signing out.

Peace Out