It's Got Wings: Oregon Unveils Yet Another Set Of New Uniforms

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It's Got Wings: Oregon Unveils Yet Another Set Of New Uniforms

I will admit this right off the bat: I am a big fan of the Oregon Ducks football uniforms.

I think that the school has been very inventive and has capitalized on the well documented connection between the institution and the Nike corporation.

Even with the jerseys that took the field for most of the games last year, with the grips on the shoulders that looked like metal treads, I thought they always looked snazzy. After all, Oregon with wacky looking uniforms is kind of what makes them Oregon in the 21st century. They are innovators in that respect.

But with today's announcement of a new uniform set, I have to wonder: Wings? Really?

Wings on the shoulder replacing the tread that was there last season?

Can someone buy me a clue?

I'll take things one step further: I was reading the article above, and there were words in the press release that I could not understand in relation to the material being discussed.

From the press release:

The latest editions have improved ergonomics and ventilation characteristics, and feature laminate numbering that does not soak up any moisture and has an 85-percent weight differential compared to traditional tackle twill.

Laminate anti-abrasion shoulder reinforcement, in the form of wings, takes the place of "diamond plate" on the current jersey, a 200-percent savings in weight differential between materials. A lighter weight fabric has also been introduced for non-critical panels, trimming the weight from 7.46 ounces down to 5.5 as 75-percent of the panels from last year's jersey have been replaced.

Additional improvements include titanium d-rings on belts and the integration of Nike Pro Combat pads, eliminating pocket bags and structures that accommodate various aftermarket pads. The benefit of the latter is streamlined pads and added protection.Total weight savings over the previous model is estimated at 25 percent.

Titanium D-rings?

Laminate reinforcement?

Are these jerseys, or specs for a new car?

Good luck, Chip Kelly and company. Even I can't defend these (which were sneak previewed in a game against Arizona last season).

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