John Cena Will Be Stronger in Long Run Following Bray Wyatt Loss

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2014


Pay-per-view losses for John Cena are incredibly rare occurrences in the world of professional wrestling, but he succumbed to defeat at Extreme Rules 2014, losing out to Bray Wyatt.

Whilst Cena may lose championship matches—or even matches against top opponents—it comes as somewhat of a surprise to see him beaten by an up-and-coming star in Wyatt.

However, whilst the win has no doubt done wonders for Wyatt's WWE career in the long term, it will do plenty of good for John Cena, too.

Cena is a guy who divides opinion amongst professional wrestling fansfor a whole host of reasons. However, one of those reasons is his ability to seemingly rise against the odds on nearly every occasion and triumph where plenty of others would fail.

In a world where the outcome of a match is determined by those that are not involved in the contest, that is understandably something that angers wrestling fans.

However, seeing Cena lose—and lose to a fresh, exciting star like Bray Wyatt—is something that will certainly calm a lot of people who are sick of seeing Cena win.

It will help to establish Cena as a guy who can be beatable and put people over—something he hasn't exactly done too often in the past.

The result will also help to extend this fascinating rivalry between Wyatt and Cena. It has been fresh and exciting, and we have almost seen a completely different side of Cena. He battled against his own personal demons in the buildup to WrestleMania XXX and at Extreme Rules as well.

Seeing Cena break the mold from his usual character is something that will only benefit him. It adds another string to his bow and adds an interesting subplot to this rivalry.

At Payback, few would complain if Cena vs. Wyatt happened once again. Cena's defeat to Wyatt at Extreme Rules has been the crucial factor in that potentially happening and has made Cena a much stronger character.