The Unleashing Of Juggernauts In Oakland : Michael Bush and Lorenzo Neal

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJune 23, 2009

    On May 8, the Oakland Raiders signed the best HOF FB ever in the history of the NFL. That player was the notorious "steam rolling" Lorenzo Neal. Lorenzo Neal is no new comer to football. In fact, for the past 17 years he has made a reputable name for himself by being the best. Lorenzo Neal has been a Pro Bowler, blocked for 1000 yd running back such as  Eddie George, Warrick Dunn, and Ladanlian Tomlinson. He has been both a strong and silent player. Lorenzo is also drama free and does not make a spectacle of himself i.e. T.O., Ocho Stinko, Vick, etc. The guy is a NFL owners dream. A solid and hard playing star.  

  In fact, what team in their right mind would let this HOF player out into free agency?

  Lorenzo Neal is a Juggernaut in terms of football in that he is "mean" and when he hits you , well you know it. He once told reporters during training at the Napa, CA facility, that "if an opponent lets up even in the slightest, he will find himself on his back". I love to hear things like this from our players. Lorenzo Neal has the desire that all our players need. Its a hunger to win and get into playoff contention for the big game! The addition of Lorenzo Neal into the Raider backfield is huge move in that direction.

  At this point I would say the Oakland Raiders have made themselves a playoff team. Not only because of the "Juggernauts' but  mainly the addition of its talented roster.

  Next, the secondary Juggernaut Michael Bush. Michael Bush was the Raiders first round pick. Yet he was sat out for a year due to a broken leg. Michael Bush had been a Heisman hopeful due to his solid action as a RB for Louisville.  He also had posted 23 TDs in 06' to lead the nation.

   If you can get to I would recommend seeing this bruising RB in action. Michael Bush is a hard runner and basically is a train. He has powerful legs and arms. Once he enters the hole, he is virtually unstoppable. To tackle Michael Bush you better have two strong lineman because a single arm tackle is not going to happen in this scenario. In fact, Michael Bush reminds me of Tyrone Wheatley in many ways. Its very possible Bush could become the Raiders featured running back with Fargas and him pounding away defenses.

    The addition of Lorenzo Neal just is unfathomable, surreal if you will. This is a dream come true in Oakland because with Lorenzo Neal leading Michael Bush in the backfield, there a huge chance Bush will be another 1000 yd RB for the Raiders.  This is just one scenario since the Oakland Raiders also have Darren McFadden and Justin Fargas. Those RBs are stories in themselves.

  Lorenzo Neal will do wonders in Oakland. Lorenzo offers experience to another future powerhouse Oren Oneal. oren oneal would be a great protege to neal. This is as good as Darius Bey practicing with Asomugha. Lorenzo Neal deserves a Superbowl and he has a great shot here in Oakland to do it.

   The team is looking really good this year, both defensively and offensively. The first game of the season for Oakland will show fans that the Raiders have returned when Lorenzo Neal gets to play against his former team the Chargers. This is already looking to be a great season. The Oakland Raiders will be playing the only true rivals as SD looks to battle the Raiders opening game on Monday Night football.

   Michael Bush was given an opportunity last year to show his talents when injuries plagued the Raiders versus Jon Grudens playoff run last season. Can you guess you killed those dreams? Michael Bush. Michael Bush was a machine out there. He ran for 177 yds, two TDs and averaged 6.6 yards that day. Talk about a Juggernaut, Bush was simply outstanding.

  Bringing these two Juggernauts together in Oakland is a major eye opener. Defenses around that NFL will have to weather against the power blocking of the best FB ever, Lorenzo Neal. Then they must try to stop the bruising power of Michael Bush.

  This also answers another question, "Can Jamarcus perform well as a QB"? I would say with defenses worried bout the run it should be a no brainer.

  Al Davis has shown his "Pride and Poise" in a time when many are doubtful of the Raiders. Yet both Al Davis and myself know the Raiders are ready. They not only have these two amazing Juggernauts , they also have key players that have begun to make a mark. The team is very reminiscent of the 2000 Raiders with the best secondary and a defensive line that is hungry. Now, we have talked O-line Juggernauts, add that together and it gives you todays Oakland Raiders.

  Go Oakland Raiders.