WWE Has Proven That They Don't Need CM Punk

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 27, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

CM Punk is one of the most talented and popular wrestlers in the world, and he chose to walk away from millions of dollars and legions of fans. WWE carried on.

Hulk Hogan was the biggest thing in the wrestling business when he left WWE the first time. WWE carried on. The Rock and Steve Austin sold more PPVs than anyone in history before leaving. WWE carried on.

As much as everyone, this writer included, would love to see CM Punk return to WWE as soon as possible, WWE has proven to everyone that they don't need him, because nobody is bigger than WWE.

No one person is responsible for fans turning out to events in droves because WWE is made up of enough Superstars to satisfy everyone, even when their most popular guy takes his ball and goes home.

And we have to remember that Punk left WWE, WWE did not send Punk home. The fans sometimes act as if it's WWE's fault that their hero is no longer there. It's Punk's fault.

The story goes that Punk was unhappy with the push he was getting and decided to walk away without any prior notice. While nobody knows for sure if that is the case outside a handful of people, Punk is gone anyway.

Even though WWE and CM Punk have yet to officially announce that their partnership is over, we are operating under the assumption that he is done. Life goes on.

For weeks we heard CM Punk chants after he left because the crowd felt like showing WWE how unhappy they were that he was gone. WWE responded by pushing the other big Indy darling to the top, and now the Punk chants have all but disappeared.

Now the arena erupts with Yes chants several times every night, even when Daniel Bryan isn't part of what is happening on the show. And Bryan is not the only one the fans have gotten behind.

The Shield and The Wyatt Family have exploded in popularity in recent months, and one of those groups is still very much a heel faction.

Fans are dedicated, but fickle. They don't dwell on what they used to love when WWE puts so many good things in front of them.

The Yes Movement has taken over WWE and pop culture in general. Yes chants have begun to permeate other sports, and it just goes to show you that CM Punk was not the glue holding WWE together.

The thing that holds WWE together is the fact that there is always someone who can step up and be the next top guy.

Bryan stepped up in a big way and has carried the company on his shoulders since winning the title at WrestleMania in one of the most memorable performances in the history of the event.

Then we have guys like The Shield, The Wyatt Family and Cesaro breaking out and becoming big stars in their own right. And let's not forget John Cena.

Even though Cena will get booed out of half the venues they visit, he is still pushing more merchandise than anyone else by a large margin. Five times as much, to be exact.

While merchandise sales are not the sole reason he is where he is in the company, it certainly doesn't hurt. WWE would be stupid not to keep the guy who moves the most shirts and hats near the top of the pile. It's just good business.

And this is a business. WWE is an entertainment company, not a sports franchise. Michael Jordan left the Bulls and they haven't won a title since. Jordan was carrying the Bulls with the help of a few others.

Punk left and WWE is still successful, possibly more so now that ever before thanks to the launch of the WWE Network. Punk was not carrying WWE.

WWE has always overcome any hurdle thrown in front of them, and Punk leaving out of nowhere was a big hurdle. They cleared that hurdle with ease.

Well, maybe not with ease, but they cleared it nonetheless.

This is not a rant against CM Punk. I want CM Punk back as much as anyone else, but I am willing to accept that he is gone and move on. You should too.


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