Viking King: Brett Favre Makes Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Contenders

Juicy JuiceContributor IJune 21, 2009

One thing that really disappoints me about this preseason is the criticism surrounding the great No. 4's probable return to the game.

Of all the things said—mostly negative—one has been overlooked: With Brett Favre, the Minnesota Vikings will be immediate Super Bowl contenders. I will be even so bold as to say, with Favre, I will be surprised if the Vikings do not win it all, barring significant injuries.

For years as an NFL fan, I have been astonished at the Vikings' offensive and defensive lines. Both are great, and at times they simply dominate. Plus, with Bernard Berrian, Favre will FINALLY have a premier wide receiver to throw to, that is, since Sterling Sharpe. (Remember, if the Pack would have just signed Randy Moss in 2007, Favre would still be in Green Bay, instead that goof Tom Brady now has the single-season touchdown record.)

Also, expect the Vikes' first-round draft pick Percy Harvin to be an instant playmaker, similar to last year's rookie sensation DeSean Jackson for the Eagles. And of course, with Adrian Peterson in the backfield, I do not think I am being over zealous in saying that the 2009 Vikings may be the greatest show on turf—EVER.  

Remember, Favre was red-hot for the Jets until his arm started acting up. Also, remember when the Jets were Super Bowl contenders about midway through the season last year. AND THAT WAS WITH THE JETS!! COME ON!!

If people, reporters, and so-called NFL fans want to continue to talk about selfishness, being a diva, and separate locker rooms, go ahead, but I have a feeling Favre is going to make them feel really foolish come November and December. 

Lastly, please remember Rich Gannon with the Oakland Raiders. Remember him? He was about 37 or 38 and putting up absolutely ridiculous numbers with two stacked Raiders teams. Now think about those teams with Peterson, and possibly the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen.

Brad Childress is smarter than he looks. Well, not really, as he looks pretty smart, and he is damn smart for doing whatever it takes to get No. 4.   

A new Viking King is coming to Minnesota, and I smell a Super Bowl.