My Rivalry With Triple H Pt. 2

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJune 21, 2009

If you haven't read the first part of this fantasy life I thought of, you can see what happened here.

It was Monday Night Raw, and I thought of this fantasy all the way through every week about an hour before Raw or SmackDown. I lived this fantasy in my head.

It walk into the arena and looking at everyone, shocked to they see this kid is the WWE Champion. I see The Rock pass by. He stops, looks at me, and raises "The Eyebrow" as he walks away.

Monday Night Raw April 2000

Jim Ross: What a night has been. Adrian Staehle has a career night. He became the Light Heavyweight Champion only to give it back after he accepted more of a death wish by Triple H.

Lawler: I am in shock from what I saw last night.

Jim Ross: Adrian Staehle is the new WWE Champion, but Vince McMahon has come to find out what is going on as Triple H will be here tonight, and The Rock too.

Triple H comes out and takes the mic...

Triple H: What happened last night was a fluke and was no made official.

Vince McMahon comes out and is at the ramp with a mic...

Vince: Hunter, last night was official, and Adrian Staehle is the WWE Champion; but there were some things against you and for him also...So...

The Rock music hits.......He looks at Vince and Triple 

The Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to New York City...

Crowd cheers...

The Rock: I was there last night in good old New Orleans, Louisiana as a kid that you beat the heck out of got up on his two feet, brought you back to the earth, and became the WWE Champion on his first night on the job.

Crowd cheers...

The Rock: I'll say this. I helped the kid, Triple H can't help himself, and Vince you can't do anything right so...

My music hits...

Adrian: Rock, I know what you're going to say. WrestleMania 16 is right around the corner, but how about this. There is a show called Heat right before WrestleMania, so Triple H will get his re-match and you and me will have the biggest match in Heat history.

Triple H: I like that idea. The kid has something going even though I beat the snot out of him.

Adrian: You need to shut it, Hunter, or I will come down there tonight and beat you again and make sure you don't make it to WrestleMania.

Triple H gets heated...

The Rock: I accept.

Vince: There you have it. Tonight it's going to be The Rock and Adrian Staehle vs Triple H and a partner of his choosing.

As I get ready for my match I start to look at the Championship title and what it means to be Champion, I think about what I did the night before by making history by becoming the Champion, my match is next and I'm ready to go but before I go. Austin walks in.

Austin: Look at this SOB holding my championship belt. Don't forget. After WrestleMania I'm coming for you and that belt, kid.

Adrian: I'm looking forward to it.

My match is next.

The Rock comes out to a sea of chants, then Triple H to a sea of boos. I come out as the fans cheer "ADRIAN ADRIAN ADRIAN." As I walk to the ring and hold up the championship, Hunter and Rock stare me down.

The mystery partner for Hunter is about to come out.

Well it's the Big Show...

The music hits and my jaw is dropped as I look at this seven-foot and five hundred-pound man staring a hole through my two hundred-pound and five-foot-five body.

The match starts. The Rock and Big Show are going at it as the crowd is into the match. I look across the ring and Triple H gives me a few words as he starts to get personal. I start to go run after him as they both take advantage of The Rock as the ref is holding me back.

I go back to my corner and I start to get the crowd into it as the crowd is chanting "ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY." The Rock gets it going and lays the Smack Down on Big Show.

The Rock tags me in as Show is down and I start to swing a way with close fist and taunt Hunter with Show trying to tag him, but I swing at Hunter and miss and I look back at Show. Show grabs me by the throat, but I reverse it and Hunter gets a chair. Show tries to squash me but gets the ref instead as the ref is out. Triple H comes to the ring as he swings to hit me with the chair but nails Show and Show is busted open. Show is laying in the center of the ring and I spear Hunter out of the ring.

The Rock takes the elbow pad off and hits the People's Elbow. Then I go to the top to fly like the great Snuka and land it as the crowd is going crazy. I get the three count for the win.

After the match, the ref hands me the belt. As I shake The Rock's hand I hold the championship above both our heads

Hunter comes out of no where and hits both of us with a sledge hammer to the back. As we both lay there motionless as, I look up and Hunter is holding the belt he lost just the night before and he has a foot over my chest.

After Raw, Vince comes up to me and says "It was unexpected, what Triple H did, but amazing at what you did. You prove nothing to me and there are two things you have to do to get on my good side: Don't cross the boss and show me some RUTHLESS AGGRESSION."

He walks away as I'm ready to get into my car as I head to SmackDown in Buffalo, New York and do get ready for revenge on Hunter.

SmackDown April 2000

Michael Cole: We have a new WWE Champion and his name is Adrian Staehle and he has shocked the world. Can the kid keep it up? He's 3-0 and he can shock the world once again by beating The Rock on Heat the night of WrestleMania.

Lawler: Hunter is at ring side. Shut-up Cole.

Triple H: I showed the world just a sample of what I'm going to do to this one-hit wonder. I will make sure that this title reign is just a music note in wrestling history. Wrestlemania is 10 days away, and I'm not going to let some punk kid...

My music hits as I charge to the ring...

I start by spearing Hunter as we both start fighting all over the arena. We make our way to the announcers' table, the crowd, and, finally, the ramp.

Triple H swing misses and I go for the Jackhammer. Road Dogg, Mr. Ass, and X-Pac come out with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko.

They all start to stomp on me and beat me down until...

Kane's music hits...

He clears the ring until Hunter gives him a chop block and they start to beat him down.

Jericho comes out. He gets beaten down until the Rock comes out with the sledge hammer he was hit with and starts swinging. Everyone leaves the ring before anything can happen.

I am taken to the back get looked at by the staff. I tell Kane "Thank You." He turns his head to the side and just walks away.

I thank Jericho and he says "No problem. I used to be a rookie like you, just not a rookie Champion, so I've got your back, man. You're welcome."

Then I tell the Rock "Thank You."

He says "You think I was helping you kid? I got hit with this sledge hammer. Take a good look at it. I want pay-back. I didn't do it for you. I did it for me."

Vince says take the night off.

The main event is a The Rock, Kane, Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Triple H. I get in my car but the match starts and it gets toward the end. I stay in the car and I hear the fans chanting my name and I'm all about giving the fans what they want. It's like Vince says "RUTHLESS AGGRESSION."

The Rock gets nailed with the chair by Hunter as Jericho, Kane, Beniot, and Guerrero are outside the ring.

I start to walk towards the ring with a weapon of my own that someone gave to me earlier and told me "Get a good hit on him for me."

I see Road Dogg, Saturn, and Mr. Ass standing at ringside as if they were ready to jump Rock, Jericho, and Kane.

I come out to my music and hit Road Dogg in the head with the weapon and he is busted open. I hit Mr. Ass in the stomach, and then across the back with it and he is bleeding on the back and stomach. Saturn swings the mop at me, but I nail him and his mop right in the head with the weapon he is busted open.

Jericho and Kane are knocked out from chair shots. I take the weapon and hit Benoit and Guerrero in the face, and their faces are covered in blood. The Rock and Hunter are in the ring, but The Rock has the chair and throws it to Hunter as the ref turns and looks. The ref disqualifies Hunter, but then Hunter hits The Rock.

Hunter doesn't see the weapon I have behind my back as he throws the chair at me and misses.

I come in the ring and start swinging the weapon but he trips over The Rock.  I swing my weapon like a golf club across the face of Hunter and then grind it when he is on the ground and is busted wide open.

The Rock is busted open and I take the chair from ringside and hit myself a couple of times as I'm busted open.

I have the chair and Barbed Wire two-by-four in both hands and I have a sick smile on my face. I lay down the chair and bat down on Hunter as I walk to the ring and my car and I drive off.


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