My Rivalry With Triple H (Part 1)

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJune 20, 2009

I was nine years old. I had just watched Triple H find another way out of losing the WWE Championship and it was the week of my birthday in April and I thought of my life as a wrestler and started living it.

I would wrestle pillows and friends and live the storyline, the life of a wrestler and I hated Triple H and so it all started when I used the version of Starrcade as I used the WrestleMania of WCW at the time and I started my fantasy career if you want to call it that. This again was made up in my mind.

I was wrestling in my first match for the Light Heavyweight Championship against Essa Rios for the Championship on Heat minutes before Starrcade that was in my hometown of New Orleans and I won the Championship with the Jackhammer and then went up top and did like Jimmy Snuka and did the "Superfly" as I put up three fingers up on each hand and landed it perfect for the 1, 2, 3 and becoming the New Light Heavyweight Championship...and then it began.

Triple H music hit and had a mic.

Triple H: Good match kid, I can't believe I'm doing this but I have beaten everyone in this business and I need a tune up for WrestleMania next month so how about you and me for the WWE Championship (WWF back in 2000) here tonight in the main event at Starrcade.

Adrian: I accept.

I was backstage getting ready for my match as I was talking to some of the mid-carders and then I get attacked from behind as Triple H took a chair and beat me with it over and over until I couldn't move anymore.

He took me to the parking lot and said "The only title you every touch is the one that you decided to give back to Essa Rios and you're never going to touch the WWE Championship."

He takes me to the second level and there is a car on the first level he has busted me open with the chair and the chain around his hand and then proceeds to Pedigree me from the second level on to the car on the first.

Jim Ross says "What kind of Champion does that", Lawler being the smartass he was back then saying "Triple H can."

Triple comes out very cocky as he thinks no one will come out.

Howard Finkel introduces Triple H as the WWE Champion and then the challenger...

It is dead silence in the arena as Triple H goes out of the ring to get his Championship....The crowd roars to their feet as they see this bloody and broken kid walks to the ring as Jim Ross says "Oh My God, does this kid have a death wish or something?" Lawler says "Yeah he does." Jim Ross responds "King, do you ever shut up?"

I walk to the ring standing there telling Triple H to come on and Triple H tells the ref it's no DQ.

The ref tells Finkel and Finkel introduces me and I get a good pop for a mid-carder at least as the crowd thinks this is going to be a squash Championship match.

The match get's started and Triple H has a pair of brass knuckles on and starts swinging but I duck on everyone as I throw a few punches and connect to the ribs but doesn't do to much to Triple H as he starts hitting me in the ribs as he connects with knees and just takes off the knuckles and is beating me down with closed-fist punches.

Triple H gets a chair and a mic and says "Just quit now boy," he then takes the chair and hits me in the ribs and I hit the mat hard as I turn over I have a huge gash right over my eye and he says "You want to quit now." He puts the mic to my mouth and I say "NEVER", I hit him with a low blow, the crowd goes crazy.

He hits the mat hard as I pick up the chair I put it over my head ready to swing like I'm going for a home run and the ref takes it out of my hand, as I push the ref Earl Hebner he says "Don't you touch me again."

I take the chair from him and I give him a shot to the temple. The ref is down and Hunter is down I have the Chair and I swing at him but then I get Pedigree to the chair as Hunter takes about ten seconds to revive the ref he pins me 1, 2,.......

The Rock runs out and takes the chair and hits Triple H with the chair, he walks back to the locker room.

Everyone is down, the ref gets up and starts to count as he gets to eight Hunter gets up then me at nine he hits me and gets booed. I hit him and get cheered. He starts with closed fist again and he swings on the last of five and I duck I start to hit him but then he hits me with a low blow, Pedigree 1, 2,....I kick out and Hunter is irate as he starts to go crazy.

Jim Ross says "You can't keep the kid down, come on kid," Lawler says, "You're always biased." Ross says, "Oh, and you're not."

We both get back up he takes me out of the ring and gives me the third Pedigree on the announcers table and throws me back in the ring as he pins me 1, 2,.... I kick out again and he runs out the ring gets his Championship and hits me with it and then pins 1, 2,..... kick out again the crowd is getting into the match as they start chanting "ADRIAN ADRIAN ADRIAN", I start to kind of hulk up but Triple H gives me a knee to the face.

Hunter gets the steel steps as he gets ready to give me the Pedigree for the fourth time and I give him a low blow and set him on the steps, but then decide to give him the Jackhammer on to the steps and then go to the top rope.....

Jim Ross: Come on kid....Game Over for Triple H.

I put the finger like Snuka does when he hit the top rope and I hit the three fingers with the other hand.

In that moment I fly on to Triple H he falls to the mat after I hit it......I go for the pin 1, 2, (as the crowd says it with the ref).....3.

The crowd is in shock.....they're going crazy.....Jim Ross says "GAME OVER GAME OVER GAME OVER, OH HELL YEA", Lawler is speechless as The Fink says "Your winner and the New WWE Champion Adrian Staehle."

The ref hands me the Championship as I remember the words of Vince McMahon as HBK won the Championship at WrestleMania against Bret Hart "The boyhood dream has come true."

I'm handed the Championship as I look out into the crowd the fans are going crazy...Triple H is in shock, and I'm the New WWE Champion....Fireworks go off as Jim Ross says "What is going to happen on Monday Night Raw tomorrow night.

I go to the back as I am greeted by everyone and my brother Jordan as he gives me a hug and cries as I did the the unthinkable by doing what I did/

As I finish this story in my head I think of tomorrow night on Raw and what's next in the rivalry that could be the greatest with me and Triple H.