Oklahoma State Football: Game-by-Game Predictions for 2014

Ricky FrechCorrespondent IApril 17, 2014

Oklahoma State Football: Game-by-Game Predictions for 2014

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    Brandon Wade

    Now that spring practice is over, the 2014 Oklahoma State Cowboys roster is beginning to take shape. Because of that, we can begin to make early predictions for how this fall season is going to play out.

    Obviously, it's still very early and things could drastically change between now and the start of the season. However, last season I projected a 10-2 regular season record for the Pokes, and that's how it ended up (of course I picked the wrong losses, but that's besides the point). Therefore, it makes sense to try my hand again at being a sage.

    How are the Cowboys going to fare in 2014? Read on to find out.

Oklahoma State vs. Florida State (Neutral Site, August 30)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    Does anybody smell an upset?

    No? Me neither. This is a young Oklahoma State team going up against the defending National Champions who just happen to have a Heisman-winner playing quarterback.

    Considering Oklahoma State is replacing a bevy of starters on defense, this one isn't looking like it's going to be pretty.

    Don't be surprised if this one becomes a blowout...early.

    Florida State 56 Oklahoma State 28

    Overall Record 0-1 (Big 12 0-0)

Missouri State at Oklahoma State (September 6)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    Ah, this is more like the early cupcake schedule Oklahoma State fans are used to.

    Missouri State might be able to hang an upset here if Oklahoma State is still reeling from their big loss to Florida State. If the drubbing gets too bad, the Seminoles could do some real damage to the psyche of the young players suiting up for the Cowboys.

    That said, I think Mike Gundy is too good of a coach to let that happen and would be shocked if he doesn't have his boys ready to play.

    Oklahoma State 42 Missouri State 17

    Overall Record: 1-1 (Big 12 0-0)

UTSA at Oklahoma State (September 13)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    Larry Coker's boys at UTSA bring some real talent to the field and could be a challenge for Oklahoma State.

    That said, last year was probably the Roadrunners' only chance, as they have to come to Stillwater for this season's contest.

    In the second of four straight home games for the Pokes, you have to figure they're going to find a way to pull this one out and continue to improve after their big loss to start the season.

    Oklahoma State 45 UTSA 28

    Overall Record: 2-1 (Big 12 0-0)

Texas Tech at Oklahoma State (September 25)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    This is where things start to get super interesting for Oklahoma State. Right now, we don't really know what they're going to have on the defensive side of the ball or how good the offensive line will be when they get all their players back.

    However, by the fourth game of the season, those questions will have begun to be answered. The defense is likely to get shredded against Jameis Winston and the Seminoles; however, will they have grown enough to compete with Texas Tech when they arrive in Stillwater?

    That's hard to answer, which means we just have to guess off of what is in front of us right now. With that information, I'm saying Oklahoma State isn't able to keep Tech off the board and suffers a heartbreaker at home.

    Texas Tech 49 Oklahoma State 35

    Overall Record: 2-2 (Big 12 0-1)

Iowa State at Oklahoma State (October 4)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    After their loss at the hands of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, the Oklahoma State Cowboys need to regroup and refocus.

    Their next two-game stretch provides an excellent opportunity for them to do just that. Iowa State is a good team and could get a win here. That said, Oklahoma State is going to be playing angry.

    Bad news for the Cyclones.

    Look for Oklahoma State's defense to make some big plays this week after struggling against Tech. I wouldn't even be surprised to see an interception taken back for a touchdown.

    Oklahoma State 42 Iowa State 21

    Overall Record: 3-2 (Big 12 1-1)

Oklahoma State at Kansas (October 11)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    The Kansas Jayhawks have been improving under Charlie Weis, but 1-8 in the Big 12 is still 1-8. 

    Don't be surprised to see Kansas improve that atrocious Big 12 record by a win or two this year, just don't expect it to happen here.

    Yes, it's a road game for the Cowboys, but, by this point, the offense should be rolling on all cylinders, while the defense is starting to show its potential.

    Oklahoma State 48 Kansas 28

    Overall Record: 4-2 (Big 12 2-1)

Oklahoma State at TCU (October 18)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    This is definitely one of those games that could easily go either way. Both teams seem about even, though TCU probably has a bit of an edge considering they're at home against a relatively young team.

    That said, Oklahoma State has seemingly had the Horned Frogs' number over the past few years. Pulling out back-to-back victories in relatively close games.

    Because of that, I'm leaning toward Oklahoma State grabbing an upset here, albeit a small one.

    Oklahoma State 24 TCU 17

    Overall Record: 5-2 (Big 12 3-1)

West Virginia at Oklahoma State (October 25)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    If you're an Oklahoma State fan, you likely have had this one circled on your calendar for a long time. I expect Boone Pickens Stadium to be rocking in this one, even though it's against a seemingly overmatched West Virginia team.

    That's because this same West Virginia team claimed a startling upset victory last year in Morgantown against the Cowboys. That game greatly hurt Oklahoma State's chances to win the Big 12 last season.

    Therefore, expect the Cowboys and their fans to be amped up for this one and really put a hurting on the Mountaineers.

    Oklahoma State 45 West Virginia 21

    Overall Record: 6-2 (Big 12 4-1)

Oklahoma State at Kansas State (November 1)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    If these predictions have held true until now, and you're an Oklahoma State fan, then you're probably thinking your team is sitting pretty. Bowl eligible with four games left to play.

    Then you look at those four games.

    Suffice to say, this stretch to end the season is like a buzz saw that the Pokes have to find a way to get through. That's much easier said than done.

    Kansas State is always a threat as long as Bill Snyder is roaming the sidelines, especially when the game is played in Manhattan. And I think the Wildcats are going to be much improved over last season's 5-4 record.

    That said, there is hope for the Cowboys. Kansas State is coming off back-to-back games against Oklahoma and Texas, while the Pokes haven't really met any of the Big 12's big boys yet. It's very possible that Oklahoma State could be getting K-State at just the right time.

    Unfortunately, I still don't think that's enough and would except Bill Snyder's team to take care of business at home.

    Kansas State 35 Oklahoma State 24

    Overall Record: 6-3 (Big 12 4-2)

Texas at Oklahoma State

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    Sue Ogrocki

    Unfortunately for Oklahoma State, Texas, unlike Kansas State, isn't coming off a tough stretch of games before heading into Stillwater.

    However, hope is not lost for the Cowboys faithful. In fact, there is reason to be optimistic about this matchup.

    The most obvious reason is that this game happens at home, a place that the Pokes generally defend well. Additionally, the Longhorns have some major question marks going into the season at quarterback. 

    David Ash is a solid option, but his concussion problems and recently broken foot make him less than reliable at such a key position. After him comes a number of talented, though unproven, players like Tyrone Swoopes. 

    If Texas can figure everything out before this game, they might just win; that said, Oklahoma State has a good shot at getting to seven wins here.

    Oklahoma State 35 Texas 31

    Overall Record: 7-3 (Big 12 5-2)

Oklahoma State at Baylor (November 22)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    This one might be the easiest of Oklahoma State's Big 12 games to predict, at least in my opinion.

    Baylor returns its lethal Bryce Petty to Antwan Goodley connection, along with quite a few other quality players. Further, they have to be looking to this game as one of the biggest of their season.

    In 2013, the Baylor Bears were ranked No. 4 in the nation and looked like the team to beat in the Big 12, with a chance to play for the National Title. Then they went to Stillwater.

    Baylor was absolutely dominated by the Pokes in that game and almost lost the Big 12 because of it. Fortunately, Oklahoma State couldn't take care of business against the Oklahoma Sooners, so Baylor got to keep its Big 12 title.

    However, the damage was done, and the Bears have to be looking forward to their first chance at getting revenge. 

    Look for the Bears to put up big numbers in Waco.

    Baylor 49 Oklahoma State 31

    Overall Record: 7-4 (Big 12 5-3)

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma (December 6)

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    Sue Ogrocki

    Unlike last year's contest, 2014's version of Bedlam won't see Oklahoma State playing for the Big 12 title; however, Oklahoma might be taking their place as title contenders.

    If Oklahoma gets the Trevor Knight we saw against Alabama last year, OU might very well be the team to beat in the conference, with a chance to play for all the marbles.

    That means the Pokes could be trying to play the role of season-spoiler in the final game of the season, something they have been able to do against the Sooners in years past.

    Unfortunately, until Mike Gundy proves he can consistently beat Bob Stoops, it's hard to predict a Cowboy win against their biggest rivals.

    It's going to be exciting (Bedlam almost always is), but the Sooners look to be a step above the Cowboys in 2014.

    Oklahoma 42 Oklahoma State 35

    Overall Record: 7-5(Big 12 5-4)

    That leaves Oklahoma State bowl eligible in a rebuilding season. Not exactly what fans want, but this season should build toward a very successful 2015.