The Dallas Cowboys' flawed strategy of 'Romo-Friendly'

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IJune 20, 2009

As I've compiled and analyzed the recent and past comments by Jerry & Stephen Jones, I get a very clear picture of the meaning of "Romo-Friendly". That picture, however, comprises massive flaws at the core of basic organizational development and maximization. Those flaws, enveloped and empowered by the "addition by subtraction" theorem, lie in two key areas: leadership and personnel evaluation/enhancement.


To quote Dallas Cowboys writer, Mickey Spagnola, "Leaders emerge, they don't just volunteer, and you have to have something to back up what you say and be willing to invest the time it takes to get in everyone's business."

I add to that, you can't appoint great leaders. Neither can you create great leaders by "assassinating" countering strong personalities. That didn't work in the ancient Roman Empire. It doesn't work in business. It doesn't work with sports teams. What you get with that strategy is "leftover leadership", aka the best of what's left...which may be and most likely is incompetent vis a' vis leadership.

Great leaders emerge and prosper when faced with strong competitive personalities. Great leaders do not whine or pout when challenged by such. It is no coincidence that neither Jeff Garcia or Donovan McNabb have any rings. While my hopes are to the contrary, it will not be a coincidence if Tony Romo never acquires any bling either. Neither of these three QBs are great leaders. Do you think for even a milli-second that T.O. could/could have usurp(ed) the leadership of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Roger Staubach, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, or Johnny Unitas??? If you do...GET REAL...PUH-LEEEZE!

If Tony Romo couldn't consistently find & hit the open man and/or make the proper decisions because he was worried about T.O.'s mouth and pouting, then that's proof that Romo is not a great leader. That will not change simply because T.O. is gone. A symptom of the 'disease' has been eradicated, but the root cause of the 'disease' is still overlooked and un-treated.

Personnel evaluation/enhancement

The inescapable flaw of "Romo-Friendly" similarly applies here. Bench players, slugs and "JAGs" ("Just Another Guy") do not miraculously acquire and demonstrate improved, much less superior skills &/or production simply either because you want/need them to and/or you dumped their superior competition. The Cowboys' WR corps is now permeated with gentlemen who have all been in the league for 3 years or more and have accomplished little-to-nothing. To expect them to suddenly become quality producers borders on fantasy. It's not as if the Cowboys WR corps was previously so flooded with talent that ANY of these gentlemen could not have produced IF they had the skills...and could stay healthy. It makes me wonder what Jerry et al have been watching in practice & games the last 3-4 years. Then again, given Jerry's track record of talent evaluation, I wonder why I'm wondering.

The good news is that the return of a healthy Felix Jones and the apparent superb progress of Tashard Choice & Martellus Bennett will potentially give the Cowboys offense a quantum boost in versatility and production. However, that potential would have been available anyway. Hopefully, Jason Garrett will design an offensive scheme that maximizes this. Also, hopefully, Tony Romo discovers that despite Jason Witten's well-deserved "All-World" status, he shouldn't always be the first option in the passing progression. This will be especially critical when Witten has two defenders draped all over him. This will occur in great propensity next season because what DC in his right mind will double-cover Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd or Isaiah Stanback? I wouldn't...Would you???


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