Seattle's Coaching Staff Must Give Seneca Wallace a Chance...

Ryan McCarvilleContributor IJune 19, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 28:  Quarterback Seneca Wallace #15 of the Seattle Seahawks scrambles away from linebacker Gerald Hayes #54 of the Arizona Cardinals on December 28, 2008 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

...Once Hasselbeck has hung the cleats up!

There has been talk for quite some time now about who is going to succeed Matt Hasselbeck when he decides it is time to walk away from professional football. Many people had suggested that the Seahawks should have used their number four pick in the 2009 NFL draft to select USC quarterback Mark Sanchez. But there are not too many people who would argue the addition of Aaron Curry. 

While Others have said that the 2010 draft will have great depth at quarterback and with Seattle's accusation of Denver's first round pick for '10 along with their own they could bundle and trade those away to select a quarterback such as Sam Bradford or Jevan Snead high in the draft, taken that the Broncos don't turn out to be the colossal disappointment that everyone is predicting them to be Seattle could already see themselves possessing a top ten pick (We can only hope!).

One of the problems I find with this solution is the lack supporting cast that that quarterback would have when Matt leaves the Seahawks. Walter Jones will surely be gone, Nate Burleson's knee will be completely gone and Deion Branch might have actually been broken into two pieces by then.

The last and most outlandish scenario floating around the NFL right now would be Jim Mora Jr., and Gregg Knapp teaming up with their quarterback from their Atlanta days: Michael Vick. Now Mora Jr. has gone on record supporting the return and reinstatement of Vick into the NFL but has also clearly stated that their is no place for Vick in Seattle, period.

Even if Jim Mora Jr. secretly wanted Vick bad enough it would just not be logical for Ruskell to allow someone with that many character issues to bring bad publicity to a fairly "clean" sports market in Seattle.

The only option that would seem plausible would be to let Seneca Wallace show everyone what he's learned while sitting behind a great quarterback and already having a fair amount of game experience would not hurt at all.

Lets not forget that if the current offensive coordinator Gregg Knapp is still around when Seneca finally gets a chance to be the starter, we fans could see what happened with the Atlanta Falcons when they went to the NFC conference championship with a high octane, top of the line offence.

Knapp understood the athlete he had in Vick while at Atlanta and used him to reek havoc on teams they faced while the pair was together.

I am not saying that Wallace is on the same level Vick was when he was at his prime, but there would be no denying that Wallace has the most similar skill set to Vick in the NFL right now and could very well do some of the things with Knapp that happened while he was coordinating Atlanta's top notch offence.

All in all Seneca has waited on the side lines for long enough and has proven that he has all the qualities needed to be a solid starter in the NFL. I just hope that the Seahawks don't let this gem go without giving him a chance to shine.