Malaysian Grand Prix 2014: B/R Experts Predict Pole, Race Wins and More

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterMarch 28, 2014

Associated Press

The Malaysian Grand Prix is upon us, and our Bleacher Report F1 team are predicting the key results in this year's race.

There's rain in the forecast all weekend long, which could shake up the standings—or will it be another Mercedes procession?

How many cars will finish the race if conditions are wet (and therefore unpredictable), or even if it's dry (in which case, it will be hot, humid and highly demanding on the tyres)?

Here are our best guesses:

B/R Expert Picks
ColumnistMark PattersonOliver HardenMatthew WalthertNeil James
Pole PositionLewis HamiltonNico RosbergNico RosbergLewis Hamilton
Race WinnerFernando AlonsoNico RosbergLewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton
Fastest LapNico RosbergNico RosbergKimi RaikkonenNico Rosberg
Top Team FerrariMercedesMercedesMercedes
Number of Finishers12171411

Here's how we did in Australia:

B/R Expert Picks
ColumnistMark PattersonOliver HardenMatthew WalthertNeil JamesFraser MasefieldResults
Pole PositionLewis HamiltonLewis HamiltonLewis HamiltonLewis HamiltonLewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton
Race WinnerLewis HamiltonNico RosbergLewis HamiltonNico RosbergNico RosbergNico Rosberg
Fastest LapFelipe MassaLewis HamiltonFernando AlonsoValtteri BottasLewis HamiltonNico Rosberg
Top Team MercedesMercedesMercedesMercedesMercedesMcLaren
Number of Finishers151113131315