1. We asked for your favourite @alo_oficial moments. @ehigotze picked his Valencia win in 2012 - WATCH >> https://t.co/Dj9rBpErSe #Fernando250

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  6. Fernando Alonso's 250th GP this weekend. Everybody has a favourite Fernando moment. What's yours? #Fernando250 #F1 http://t.co/OCaBdREDlr

  7. Thanks guys to share so many good moments in racing, it's a honor being part of this big family. Thanks to all F1 community, fans, media, for the respect you are showing me in this occasions, and now let's enjoy the 250th!! Pd: don't go to fast...

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  11. Thanks guys to share so many good moments in racing, it's a honor being part of this big family.… https://t.co/WdY3pHCIHq

  12. More penalties for @alo_oficial while @robertomerhi also punished for engine changes http://t.co/CPD8NILyqT http://t.co/AdnCnO0yqS

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  16. Fernando Alonso runs upgraded Honda engine in FP1, but hit with 35-place grid penalty - http://t.co/IX73CVSz8Q #F1 http://t.co/sMrSeH6XgE

  17. Nice speech by @alo_oficial to celebrate his 250th grand prix (it won't be his 250th F1 race, btw, but anyway...) https://t.co/sHseuuZHVN

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  21. Say it, don't spray it. #BigRain #RussianGP #JensonButton #McLaren #McLarenHonda #F1

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  26. A remojo...! Buenas sensaciones y viernes productivo! Good feelings and a productive Friday. #mclarenhonda #fernando250

  27. Formal confirmation from the FIA of another 10 places of grid penalties for @alo_oficial, so he is now up to 35

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  30. A remojo...! Buenas sensaciones y viernes productivo! Good feelings and a productive Friday.… https://t.co/fEhaEcb38f

  31. Alonso and returnee Merhi hit with grid penalties #RussianGP #F1 http://t.co/HgMauXecdb http://t.co/ciw7SpC8wh

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  34. Eight drivers posted times in a wet #FP2. The weekend forecast?  #RussianGP #F1Sochi #F1 #Formula1 #McLaren #FernandoAlonso

  35. Fastest #FP2 time was MAS: 2m00.458s. Fernando was fifth on 2m01.077s & Jenson eighth on 2m02.845s. Only eight cars set times. #RssianGP

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  37. Alonso Vows to Honor 3-Year McLaren Deal

  38. Verstappen sets a time in his @ToroRossoSpy...2:02.642 puts him in P2 - behind Alonso, ahead of Sainz #FP2 #RussianGP http://t.co/JOKD1L5l1e

  39. Bit of a damp start to #FP2... #RussianGP #FA14 #McLaren #McLarenHonda #F1

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  42. #F1 Penalties for Alonso, Merhi confirmed http://t.co/B0Atnw7cPP (@Autosport) http://t.co/s1WZulbF0d

  43. Fernando Alonso is braving the conditions - currently the only driver out on the circuit #RussianGP #FP2 http://t.co/6RhCXYmzbG

  44. Alonso Says His Commitment to McLaren-Honda Remains Total

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  46. OK, new Honda engine meant 25-place grid penalty for Alonso. That now replaced by older spec with new turbo and MGU-H. So 35 places in total

  47. Penalties for Alonso, Merhi confirmed http://t.co/NDOiZpORaW #F1

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  50. Yup, it's raining ☔️☔️☔️ #FP2 #RussianGP #F1Sochi #Sochi #F1 #Formula1 #McLaren

  51. Nobody likes a wet seat, and McLaren have got a sophisticated system in place to keep Button's dry #RussianGP #FP2 http://t.co/Dx6yM97j0c