1. #F1 McLaren tops final test day of 2015 https://t.co/8YC7yasdQB (@Autosport) https://t.co/kV02Lbwzgs

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  5. McLaren Confirm Alonso Will Drive in 2016

  6. The Abu Dhabi timing screens at one point today, showing McLaren at the front! #BelieveInMcLarenHonda #GoStoff https://t.co/TSXaaH0ooJ

  7. Ron Dennis has never been on to mince his world - https://t.co/Rxjj2pkOi7 #F1 https://t.co/F5lrXD8B77

  8. #F1 'Our weaknesses will be fixed in time for Australia' - Honda https://t.co/pWSBGQnjlZ (@GrandPrixTimes) https://t.co/NyYA9XA0Xs

  9. Ron Dennis confirms to #SkyF1 that Fernando Alonso will drive for McLaren in 2016: http://skysports.tv/vMRIIQ pic.twitter.com/JfvFoBRM2r

  10. Alonso Admits Sabbatical Talk Earlier in 2015

  11. Alonso: No Regrets About McLaren Move

  12. Dennis: K-Mag didn't meet goals: Ron Dennis has said that McLaren chose not to renew Kevin Magnussen’s con... https://t.co/5rfgI2Oxhz #F1

  13. F1 gossip: 'Ron Dennis won't be happy with our engine name' says Horner. What could it be? https://t.co/BODGSyIGCS https://t.co/GUuuRjSsqj

  14. Share some festive joy & nominate a mate to #JoinThePact for a chance to meet JB & Fernando: https://t.co/syYzg9yeHh https://t.co/MVpaqhiHjL

  15. Alonso reiterates his belief that Honda is the only manufacturer he can win a third championship with other than Mercedes.

  16. Alonso Eager to Learn in Abu Dhabi

  17. F1 Needs to Lift Restrictions on Engine Development

  18. Sauber could become Honda customer https://t.co/hzkscDdbvq #F1

  19. #F1 Sauber could become Honda customer https://t.co/p9WULDYGDu (@Autosport) https://t.co/GxAnBdcBxT

  20. ICYMI Ron Dennis has targeted @SauberF1Team as a potential second team for Honda: https://t.co/LOxV0sr884

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  22. Rosberg, Vettel Excel in Brazilian GP

  23. Rosberg Wins Brazilian GP

  24. The name of the Red Bull engine is set to annoy Ron Dennis. What do you reckon it will be? https://t.co/xFPVrh7gca

  25. Stoffel Vandoorne takes the reigns of the MP4-30 for today's #PirelliTest. #F1 #McLarenHonda #AbuDhabi

  26. Johnnie Walker Presents Join the Pact London

  27. Alonso Deserves Better After McLaren Failure in Brazil

  28. #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe Wins It All

  29. Rosberg Pips Hamilton to Brazil GP Pole

  30. Ron Dennis has targeted Sauber as a potential second Honda team longer term #f1 https://t.co/Ox6iTDjdxc

  31. Good fun yesterday with my friends of dubaikartdrome ! #karting brightydubai https://t.co/k02TMIXdpg

  32. This has made my day. @alo_oficial demonstrates how to deal with road rage when your car breaks down. Zen! #BrazilGP pic.twitter.com/qY8CLtCDXl

  33. Ecclestone: EU Could Help Push Engine Through

  34. Good fun yesterday with my friends of @dubaikartdrome ! #karting @brightydubai

  35. End of year wrap-up: Jenson Button speaks to SKY

  36. Rosberg Fastest in Brazil GP FP2

  37. Alonso Admits He Needs to Improve in 2016

  38. Fernando Alonso hits out at #F1 and complains WEC is 'more fun' https://t.co/DXtSDKWFgZ #SkyF1 https://t.co/lD882kGrsg

  39. Please let's not allow Fernando Alonso's #F1 future to become another tiresome saga https://t.co/xvJcg6pn4o https://t.co/ge2KdsTXr4

  40. F1's Latest Rumours and Gossip

  41. Vandoorne Confirmed as 2016 McLaren Reserve

  42. Maldonado says it would have been "big news" if roles were reversed for Alonso clash - https://t.co/3khrIHgX2H #F1 https://t.co/azTuhnEHfx

  43. Fernando Alonso hits out at #F1 and complains WEC is 'more fun' https://t.co/e51BLJeDWo #SkyF1 https://t.co/OzN94xBUpA

  44. Wolff Shows Challenge for Women in F1

  45. Lewis Hamilton Plans to Retire at 37

  46. JB, Fernando & Mika get set for #JoinThePactLondon. Head to Wembley with @JohnnieWalker_: https://t.co/syYzg9gDiH https://t.co/LxNh1n5woU

  47. Montoya Feels Sorry for Alonso Amid Horrible Run

  48. Ron Dennis clarifies Alonso sabbatical comments and insists Spaniard will drive in 2016 https://t.co/qz66QtrirJ #F1 https://t.co/5dBhCPXDF7

  49. And on the subject of Ron Dennis, in case you missed this from late last night re the Alonso sabbatical farrago https://t.co/SpSz690MCo

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  51. Pirelli Announce Post-Season Tyre Test

  52. And then for some reason Ron Dennis criticised MAG in Abu Dhabi. The same Ron Dennis who wanted him in a McLaren in 2015 and then U-turned

  53. After an unfair bashing from Ron Dennis, @KevinMagnussen gets well-earned DTM test https://t.co/tpY2GXdfT9 https://t.co/ACGzaftGBl

  54. Best Messages from Mexican GP

  55. Singapore GP Track Invader Jailed 6 Weeks

  56. Good to see @KevinMagnussen get that DTM test. He had a bad weekend, losing 3rd Porsche LM24 chance - and he was trashed by Ron Dennis

  57. #F1 Alonso criticises F1 officials https://t.co/Qo4Rnztond (@Autosport) https://t.co/MPZdjjAir6

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  59. Rosberg, Bottas Score Much-Needed Results in Mexico

  60. Been through a lot with this guy in 2015, bring on '16 @fernandoalo_oficial where hopefully we'll be fighting near the front. #teamwork #BelieveinMclarenHonda #JB22 #FA14

  61. Been through a lot with this guy in 2015, bring on '16 @alo_oficial where hopefully we'll be fighting… https://t.co/GtebIA2L5M

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  63. Alonso: 'We Knew Engine Wouldn't Last'

  64. Fernando Alonso denies Mark Webber's claims he is "ticking bomb" ... https://t.co/AyGisNHIrN #F1 https://t.co/2NStnAVhZL

  65. Some thoughts on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, especially @LewisHamilton and @alo_oficial https://t.co/ILAv2YxR2e

  66. Rosberg Wins Mexican Grand Prix

  67. Schumacher 'Still Fighting', Reveals Jean Todt

  68. Se acabó la temporada 2015. Gracias por el apoyo que ha sido mayor que ningún otro año, y al equipo, por el trabajo constante y en armonía. Aprendimos muchas cosas, y nos quedan 4 meses de mucho trabajo...pero creo que llegan buenos momentos para nosotros. #mclarenhonda #oneTeam #cosasqueLlegarán Season 2015 is over. Thanks for the support that has been more important than any other year, and the team for their consistent work and harmony. We learned a lot, and we still have four months of preparation... but I think we have good times for us coming. #mclarenhonda #oneTeam #thingsarecomingtogether

  69. Fernando Alonso responds to sabbatical rumors, tells @NBCSN "I will be racing. That’s 100%." https://t.co/JOOaYTh7Wv https://t.co/MrVc52fEmb

  70. Rosberg Claims Pole for Mexican GP

  71. Rosberg Fastest in Mexico GP FP2

  72. #F1 Alonso critical of FIA stewards after 'strange' penalty https://t.co/QVztUlkEP8 (@GrandPrixTimes) https://t.co/upMDqQ9yx3

  73. Ron Dennis insists Fernando Alonso will drive for McLaren in 2016 https://t.co/yJUCr7ZKYf #SkyF1 https://t.co/OMoOqiFoEp

  74. Alonso: McLaren Can Copy Rivals' Ideas

  75. McLaren Veto Red Bull-Honda Power Unit Deal

  76. Fernando Alonso says FIA should focus on #F1's real problems, not unnecessary penalties https://t.co/1232PVB5YB https://t.co/25jL3YrGK7