Texas Rangers: Beginning of the End? I Think Not

Kody BrannonCorrespondent INovember 15, 2016

We are two weeks into June and the national and local media are calling the recent rough patch the beginning of the end for the Texas Rangers.

I don't believe that's the case. The Rangers have been hampered with injuries and had to do some shifting to accommodate that.

While losing to four of the best teams in the majors hurts, as long as they can right the ship before playing AL West foes, they will be fine.

The Rangers can't win a division in June, but they can definitely make it harder on their rivals.

Having lost Josh Hamilton for the last few weeks has hurt. Sure, he hasn't been the same hitter from last season, but chances are his numbers will be back up before the end of the season.

The biggest surprise has been the rotation. Usually one of the Rangers' weakest links, it has been one of their stronger ones so far.

But once again injuries are taking a toll. That is not an excuse; every team has that issue.

The Rangers need to look at getting back on track soon, otherwise they will have a dogfight on their hands. Because I believe while the Angels are down now, they will come back.

To all the media who want to write the Rangers off, just hold your tongue and let's see what these guys can do. They may not be a World Series contender just yet, they are a team that can have a chance at a good run into the postseason.

This fan believes, why can't you?

I am not going to be naive and say they will win the division this year. But with the Rangers history, just being competitive into June is something to be happy about. I do think they can win the division, but we are in June and a lot can happen before September.

For now, all Ranger fans can proudly say, "First place Texas Rangers."

The Rangers will rebound and start winning again. 

When they do, all the media know-it-all's will be saying they are a favorite to win the West.

But this fan will remember that they wanted to turn their backs on the Rangers after a few bad games.