WWE: How CM Punk's Act of Defiance Bolsters His Legacy

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIMarch 23, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

CM Punk has walked out of the WWE, and he’s not coming backat least, not for a long time.

Until then, it looks like Vince McMahon has made the decision to simply lock the legacy of Punk into a box and pretend the WWE was never graced by The Second City Saint.

This was proven on the most recent edition of Raw, where Paul Heyman cut an excellent promo, as he does, on The Undertaker’s streak and how Brock Lesnar has handily defeated the very same men The Phenom has struggled to overcome.

A video package played to demonstrate this; it showed ‘Taker pushed to his limits by Triple H and Shawn Michaels before moving on to Brock dismantling them.

Punk, who conveniently fit the mold of a Superstar who "almost" broke The Streak and then went on to be defeated by Brock Lesnar, was left out of the video.

And so it will be. And although it may seem the WWE’s burial of him will tarnish his legacy, truthfully it only embellishes it.

CM Punk represented anti-establishment values and rebellion, but more than anything else, Phil Brooks and the character he portrayed fought for what they believed in.

Punk fought to prove he was The Best In The World, while Phil was concerned with proving he belonged at the top of the card.

Credit: WWE.com

But the reason why The Second City Saint was such a popular performer is because fans perceived Phil Brooks and CM Punk to be one. In a world of characters, he was realand he REALLY stood up for what he believed in.

This is why any thinking fan can’t help but respect The Straight Edge Superstar for walking out on the company.

Three years ago he dropped a pipe bomb, but after enough time, it became clear that words were simply not enough, and that action was needed.

And through Punk's actions or lack thereof, he has in one way or another considerably changed the direction of the company. Would Daniel Bryan be in the position he is now were it not for Brooks' act of defiance?

Maybe but probably not.

But it's not only about change; it's about a person fighting for what he believes in.

Some may say that taking his ball and going home was the move of a quitter, but really it was just a man putting his money where his mouth is.

And try as the WWE might to ignore him, THAT will forever be the legacy of CM Punk.