The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Winners and Losers of The NFL Draft, Day One

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Winners and Losers of The NFL Draft, Day One

Day one of the NFL 2008 NFL Draft has come to an end and there has been multiple questions that have been certainly answered.

For example: The Packers definitely raised some speculation about their direction with quarterback, as Brian Brohm was taken in the second round to bring some competition to Green Bay. 

...Aaron Rodgers most likely isn't feeling too good about his situation right now.

Beyond Green Bay's statement, let's look at some other big moves that will have an impact on each organization:

1. Miami Dolphins.

  • Jake Long isn't the only rookie Wolverine to be in Miami next year. With Chad Henne being taken in the second round, John Beck is probably not in the most comfortable position he could be in right now.
  • Another note: Bill Parcells has always been a believer in the philosophy of a big, strong-armed quarterback to throw the ball down-field. Is Chad Henne the next to follow in the Parcells scheme?
  • In all seriousness, this team could potentially take three players from the same team in this draft. I expect the Dolphins to take a WR down the road, and if Mario Manningham is on the board he most likely is the best available.

2. Atlanta Falcons.

  • Nothing says "Out with the old and in with the new" than the Falcons getting the best quarterback in the draft with the 3rd pick overall. Whether Mike Vick's career is done or not, one thing is for sure - his Atlanta Falcons days are at an end.

3. New England Patriots.

  • Similar to the Falcons, the Patriots used their early 1st rounder to get a point across that rebuilding their veteran LB core is their priority.
  • One thing I don't understand is how if they wanted to stay young, why not sign Rosevelt Colvin to a long term deal? That might have been a mistake.

4. Washington Redskins.

  • Apparently, getting turned down by the Bengals for Chad Johnson didn't hurt too much as they shut down any of the Bengals hopes for a better deal by drafting two WR's in Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas, along with TE Fred Davis.
  • All three of these players should be able to make an instant contribution, as the WR was obviously shallow, along with Chris Cooley benefiting from having an extra TE on the other side of the line to help him out as well.

5. Chicago Bears.

  • This is my least favorite. OK, so we all know that for the past couple years Lovie Smith has been saying that Rex was the QB, but seriously...
  • The Bears were in position to take any of the top 3 quarterbacks (beyond Ryan, of course)...TWICE! This was a huge mistake for the Bears, as this was the perfect opportunity to get a new face into the mix and end the Grossman/Orton/Griese era potentially.

Of course, these aren't all the teams that have made statements on Day One, but these are certainly some of the higher "impact" moves that occurred. As the draft continues, I'm sure there will be many more stories like these to come. 

Now, let's get through the 5 best team selections put together in the first two rounds of the draft.

#1. Miami Dolphins.

  • Pick 1. Jake Long. OT.
    • Great offensive lineman who screams "rebuild". This guy will be able to contribute for many, many years to come. Whether fans wanted a big name or so called "impact" player, I don't see how Miami could have gone wrong with this pick.
  • Pick 2. Philip Merling. DE.
    • Very strong and big defensive end that many didn't pay attention to due to a sports hernia. If healthy, many expected him to possibly have been in the top 10. This could very well have been a sleeper.
  • Pick 3. Chad Henne. QB.
    • The second Wolverine chosen by the Dolphins, and possibly could be an instant impact player especially in the quarterback situation that Miami is currently at. He fits the Parcells scheme completely, and with his trusted offensive lineman from college, I expect Henne to start his professional career off the right foot.

#2. Kansas City Chiefs.

  •  Glenn Dorsey. DT.
    • Strong, big, and has a great football mentality. This is a player to revolve and build your defense around. The Chiefs should be very happy to have landed this player with their pick.
  • Branden Albert. OG.
    • A great college guard, but the question remains whether the Chiefs either keep him there or move him to tackle. Whatever they do, chances are this player will play at a very high level. Very athletic and has quick feet. Should help aid that offensive line that once was known as the best in the league.
  • Brandon Flowers. CB.
    • This kid may not have the best 40-yard dash or best size, but the intangibles are almost flawless on him. The only true problem he needs to avoid is not trying to make spectacular plays on each down. All he needs to do is play his own position and he'll be fine.

#3. Dallas Cowboys.

  •  Felix Jones. RB.
    • The 2nd of the two RBs at Arkansas. I don't think he is a player who could be successful in a one-RB system, but with Marion Barber he'll play just as well as if he was still in Arkansas. He is a very good open field type of running back who is hard to tackle once he gets past the line.
  • Mike Jenkins. CB.
    • Very versatile player who can play at both corner and also safety. Whether Pacman Jones can play or not shall determine the role he is assigned in this organization.
  • Martellus Bennett. TE.
    • Personally, I see this pick as one of the "hit or miss" type of players. Many are hoping that this guy can end up like Antonio Gates, who has very similar attributes and previous experiences (played college basketball for two seasons). If this pick ends up being successful, the tandem of Jason Witten and Bennett will be more than what any can handle along with a strong WR core.

#4. Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Rashard Mendenhall. RB.
    • Strong, big, and surprisingly fast for his size. Mendenhall perfectly fits the Pittsburgh mentality. Great steal in the draft.
  • Limas Sweed. WR.
    • Good speed and hands. Most likely will never become a highly feared down-the-field threat, but he most certainly would be a great possession wide receiver, somewhat similar to TJ Houshmanzadeh from the Cincinnati Bengals.

#5. New England Patriots.

  • Jerod Mayo. LB.
    • The definition of what type of versatile player that the Patriots strive for. As Vrabel and company grooms Mayo, this guy could possibly be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.
  • Terrence Wheatley. CB.
    • Very similar to Brandon Flowers, but with higher speed capabilities. Could be a very good shut down corner in the league if he can stay healthy.

That rounds out my top Day One Selections in the NFL Draft. Now onto the disappointments.

#1. Cleveland Browns.

  • Unfortunately for one of my favorites, this draft is simply an abomination. They have absolutely no picks until the 4th, and yet they still only will get 4 picks overall, all coming on the 2nd day of the draft. Most likely, there will be no instant or possibly ever impact players they can get at that point available. At least they got what they needed to solidify their offense as one of the best during the off-season with Donte Stallworth.

#2. San Diego Chargers.

  • Antoine Cason. CB.
    • It's one thing to take need over value of a pick, but seriously. Antoine Cason definitely wasn't 1st. round material. Inconsistency and other problems have plagued his college career.  Not having any other picks until the 5th round also is a huge setback towards this year's draft stock.

#3. Detroit Lions.
  • Gosder Cherilus. OT.
    • Even though this guy is still is good player, he frankly isn't worthy of a top 17 pick overall in the NFL draft. There were multiple better linemen available that Detroit could have chosen that would have made more sense. Still, he is a very good pass-blocker.
  • Jordan Dizon. LB.
    • Not very big, and the biggest thing I've heard about this player is that he "plays above his expectations". Don't get me wrong, it's good that players can overachieve, but in the NFL, that only takes you so far.

#4. Chicago Bears.

  •  Chris Williams. OT.
    • Good player, but wasn't the best on the board at the time of the pick. Still, he is a very good pass-blocker.
  • Matt Forte. RB.
    • This is when the Bears killed their draft. I understand that Cedric Benson hasn't been that great, but not picking a QB or another RB over Forte is completely ludicrous. After all of the drama with Orton and friends struggling, this was the chance they had to put that all away and get a new face into the system.

#5. Minnesota Vikings.

  • Tyrell Johnson. S.
    • Unfortunately for the Vikings, their draft was destined for mediocrity with only one pick in the top 4 rounds. This pick was simply used for a need, and respectively so. Most likely the Vikings will get the least talent out of this draft, but at least they are making the best they can out of it instead of wasting the picks (cough, Bears, cough).

There you have it folks.

Please comment on anything you agree or disagree with and please share your opinions.  

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