It's Time to Move On, Detroit Red Wings Fans

Drew RappleyContributor IJune 14, 2009

Today was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and i'm sure some Red Wings fans are still bitter about Friday night's game.

Yes I can understand all the disappointment all the Red Wings fans felt, I share it with all the fans I was ticked watching Sidney Crosby skate on the Wings home ice with the cup. But one thing that we all need to do is just  forget about it.

After the game it seemed to me like all the Wings fans jumped to the first excuse they could think of. Crosby is a crybaby, Crosby didn't shake Lidstrom's hand, Bettman wanted the Pens to win, it was fixed, refs didn't give wings calls, refs gave the wings chippy penalty calls, etc.

Who cares? There's an old saying that says "Excuses are for losers." It seems like 85 to 90 percent of Wings' fans can't seem to grasp the fact that...Pittsburgh was the better team for most, if not all the series! One shocking thing to me is that some people were saying, that the Wings were the better team, and the better team lost. WOW.

Another thing is that Wings fans were entirely to cocky. Most people thought that Detroit would walk to the title this year, media personalities were entirely to biased towards the Wings, maybe I was too but one thing I could see is that Pittsburgh is a hell of a lot different team than they were last year.

Most people agree that Pittsburgh's success is geared towards how Crosby and Malkin play.

One thing that was key to Pittsburgh's success was there second and third lines. Sidney Crosby was somewhat of a non-factor in the Finals, scoring only one goal and playing only a period and a half in Game Seven.

Max Talbot providing both of Pittsburgh's goals in Game Seven, basically thanks to Detroit the first one off a Brad Stuart turnover, and the second one thanks to Chris Osgood leaving half the net open for Talbot to shoot on.

In Game Four to some people the turning point of the series, Pittsburgh had a three goal onslaught of goals after Detroit took a 2-1 lead. Jordan Staal's shorthanded goal started it off, thanks to guess what? A Red wings turnover.

Then Pittsburgh gained some odd man rushes to finish off the scoring with Sid Crosby and Tyler kennedy getting Pittsbugh on the scoreboard.

Another thing that was key in Pittsburgh's title run was their youth and will. Sure Detroit had "Stanley Cup Finals Experience" and some veterans who had won four Stanley Cups and were on the verge of their fifth, but Pittsburgh had young guys who were willing to do what it took to win the Cup.

To me it was key that Pittsburgh wanted it more.

I thought of one comparison for this whole series. To me this is similar to the 2007 Super Bowl, between the overwhelming favorites the patriots and the underdogs the Giants.

Although the Red Wings weren't going for a perfect season, they still had the second best record in the West, and by most "hockey experts" were picked to repeat as champs. While nobody thought that Pittsburgh was even going to make the playoffs, especially being in 10th place in the east in mid-February after a coaching chance earlier in the season.

It's OK Red Wings fans, we'll get em' next year we still got the Tigers to chear for...and the Lions?