InFAMOUS Second Son Pays Homage to Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIMarch 4, 2014

image from Sony

The Seattle Seahawks 12th man movement extends from the gridiron to the world of video games. I’m not talking about the Madden NFL series; in this instance, love for the Super Bowl champion Seahawks is being shown through several references in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive action-adventure title, inFAMOUS Second Son

As it turns out, the developer team from Sucker Punch Productions are from Seattle and are big Seahawks fans. It should come as no surprise that the game takes place in the Emerald City. It also includes some of the city’s most recognizable and famous landmarks.

The Space Needle, Fish Market and Gum Wall have all been recreated among other signature attractions.

As avid Seahawks fans, the devs couldn’t leave it at that. There had to be some representation of the team that just brought the city its first major sports championship since 1979.

Per a Sony rep that I spoke to, the main character in the game will honor the 12th man with a No. 12 decal on his jacket. An image of that is shown in the featured picture above. There’s also a virtual billboard with a Seahawk in a football uniform with the words “Seattle Football…World Champs 2014.”

Obviously, the game doesn’t carry the NFL license, so it had to get a little creative with the way it paid homage to the team. 

No word on whether or not there’s a special Skittles trophy in the game for handling multiple foes like Marshawn Lynch.

Graphically, the previews of the game look impressive. Some hardcore sports gamers may not pay attention to any game that doesn't have a ball or puck involved.

However, InFAMOUS Second Son might have enough action—and sports references—to make the virtual jocks pay attention.

InFAMOUS Second Son releases for PlayStation 4 exclusively on March 21.


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