MLB Under The Bleachers: June 11th

Under the BleachersContributor IJune 12, 2009

SAN DIEGO, CA- APRIL 3:  Starting Pitcher Stephen Strasburg #37 of the San Diego State Aztecs throws from the mound against the UC Davis Aggies during their game on April 3, 2009 at Petco Park in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Bring on the Bonus!
Last night the Nationals made it official:  if they can reach a deal with college phenom Stephen Strasburg, he'll be the new anchor for their rotation. We already know that his bonus is going to break the bank and shatter records, but just how much green will Scott Boras secure for Strasburg? Here's a look at exactly why the San Diego State ace is worth the green. And come on, what's $50 million to an MLB team when there's a once-in-a-lifetime, can't-miss pitching prospect at stake? Heck, that sort of dough could only buy you like 40 million Todd Van Poppel rookie cards. 

Mining for Hidden Gold
Top picks like Strasburg and Dustin Ackley got all of the hype during last night's draft, but that doesn't mean they'll be the only stars in this year's amateur crop. Lots of awesome players have slipped in the draft for one reason or another. Here's a slideshow showing an all-time team of late-round draft values. Of course Mike Piazza's on the list, but who's filling out the roster? Hard to believe that Wade Boggs fell to the seventh round in the 1976 draft. Just goes to show that chicken-eating should replace baserunning as one of the five tools.

Get to Know Your Draft Picks
One reason the MLB draft doesn't get the attention of the NBA or NFL's annual picks bonanzas is that we just don't know the players quite so well. Even if you're a die-hard fan, you might not know that much about a 17-year-old high school pitcher who plays several time zones away from your house. Fear not, though. Here's a slideshow giving you the inside scoop on the top-10 picks in last night's draft. So many fresh faces on these newly rich young pitchers; it's enough to make you call your dad and yell at him for never teaching you how to throw a slider. 

Thanks for the Memories, Tom. Now, Get Out.
Tom Glavine is still more than a little ticked off that the Braves cut him loose after he went through an entire rehab process in the minors. Was the team justified in bringing the ax down on their longtime starter? Here's a thorough, interesting take on the situation. It's just sickening that the Braves wouldn't be more loyal to Glavine. This kind of betrayal would be like if Glavine had become a free agent at some point in his career, then went and signed with the Braves' biggest divisional rival to get more money. Wait, Glavine did that? Let's hope he saved Mr. Met's phone number in case he wants a tryout, then.

Hitting the Cubs from Top to Bottom
Those World Series dreams aren't looking so promising on the North Side of Chicago, so it seems like as good a time as any to scrutinize the Cubs' roster. Here's a look at all 25 men that are filling out the Cubbies' depth chart at the moment, complete with a thought on each one. There's some room for improvement with this squad, but a lot of the thoughts are dead-on in their appraisal of Lou Piniella's team. Frankly, we're just glad someone had the courage to call Kevin Gregg's goggles stupid. Even Chris Sabo and Horace Grant are laughing at the Cubs' closer behind his back.