2008 NFL Draft Needs: New Orleans Saints

Joe WillettSenior Writer IApril 25, 2008

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New Orleans Saints

I end my Draft Needs series with the team that gave all of America hope in 2006.  They went all the way to the NFC Championship game when their hopes were dashed by the Chicago Bears.

This season has been completely different.  Injuries to Deuce McAllister made it tough for the Saints to get any kind of running game going and we learned that Reggie Bush can't carry the load by himself.

But there were some bright spots for this team that finds itself with a top 10 draft choice.

They had an extremely effective passing game.  Drew Brees threw for 4423 yds. along with 28 TD's.

Marques Colston had 1202 yds. on 98 catches, and David Patten added another 792 yds.

Also, if McAllister can stay healthy next season, Bush can go back to his role as a utility player where he thrives, and the Saints can be back to the great offense they had during the dream season.

So what are the Saints going to do to help get back to top notch form?

Possible Draft Directions

One of the Saints defensive problems is that they lack the big man in the middle.  Sedrick Ellis might still be available if the Bengals decide to pass on him.  Otherwise, they could draft Pat Sims or Dre Moore in the 2nd Round.

Yet another problem for the Saints is at linebacker.  The Saints got Jonathan Vilma, but one LB does not a strong spot make.  They could get Keith Rivers in the 1st round.

The final way that the Saints could go is to draft a CB.  Although they have Randal Gay and Mike McKenzie, they lack a true shutdown corner.  Domanique Rodgers-Cromartie could be the pick at #10, or Mike Jenkins is also a possible suitor.

The only offensive need for the Saints is tight end.  Eric Johnson is their best bet if they don't draft anyone, but Fred Davis out of USC is a possibility in the 2nd round.

So there we have it, my 10-part series has now officially been completed.  I think I might go celebrate.

I am looking forward to the Draft tomorrow (although I have to miss the first few hours), and you should to.

I'm Joe W.