WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Results: Biggest Highlights and Low Points

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 24, 2014

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Results: Biggest Highlights and Low Points

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    The results of the 2014 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view are in, so it's time for us to look back on the evening and break down the highlights and the low points that made the event what it was.

    This is the last chance on the Road to WrestleMania for WWE to change up the plans and go with a different set of matches for the biggest show of the year.

    Elimination Chamber not only sets in place which people will be involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, but it also sets the pace and helps build momentum going into WrestleMania.

    If the pay-per-view is good, buyrates for WrestleMania should go up.

    But if the event is filled with disappointment, people are going to be less excited for WrestleMania XXX than ever before.

    So with that being said, were there more positives or negatives on this event?

    Let's put the event into perspective and showcase what made it worth the while and what was a disappointment.

Highlight: Bad News Barrett

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    Having Bad News Barrett come out after each match to tell a joke kept the pay-per-view from falling flat when the matches didn't necessarily deliver.

    These segments have been hit or miss for the most part, but Sunday night, they were all on point and funny.

    Going into this, it's doubtful that anyone would have expected this to be a highlight, as "repeated appearances by Bad News Barrett" probably wouldn't be a selling point.

    But this went over rather well, and despite it not having the biggest consequences leading up to WrestleMania, this was just something very fun and entertaining for the night.

Low Point: Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

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    While this was not a terrible match by any means, this was something that you could skip past and you would not miss a thing.

    There was a possibility that this could showcase the possible split between Goldust and Cody Rhodes, but that didn't happen.

    No interesting spots happened that could be talking points, nor was this match for any kind of stakes where the winners mattered.

    This ended up being just a generic match we could watch on any episode of Raw or SmackDown and nothing more.

    That's not something that would get anyone pumped up for the rest of the night.

Low Point: Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young

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    Although this might have been necessary to start a push for Titus O'Neil, this is not going to start that off with a bang.

    It was a foregone conclusion that O'Neil would end up winning, which meant the ending came to no surprise at all.

    Nothing in the match was special, and by the end of the night, this will be completely forgettable.

    Just the same as the opening match, this was the quality of something we could see on one of the weekly television shows.

    On top of this, fans clearly couldn't care less, chanting that they wanted Brock Lesnar to show up and not really getting excited about anything happening here.

    Worse even still, there's the idea that this match will have meant nothing, as the likelihood that O'Neil will continue his push going into WrestleMania is slim.

    If O'Neil's push goes nowhere, then this will have been a complete waste of a few minutes on a pay-per-view.

Highlight: The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

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    To put it simply, this match helped save the pay-per-view.

    Every match leading up to this was mediocre or OK at best, but not impressive.

    At the very start of this, however, the crowd was pumped up and the wrestlers didn't let the audience down, keeping the excitement building from start to finish.

    This match was very intense and incredibly fun, with all six men getting chances to shine.

    Luke Harper, in particular, stepped up his game considerably and could easily be classified the MVP of his team, but everyone else contributed as well.

    There were great spots, like when Harper flipped Rollins off the top rope, the chokeslam through the table and Harper's suicide dive.

    But this wasn't just a series of bumps, either. Even the regular moves throughout the match had a lot of power behind them.

    These young stars went out with a goal in mind to prove to the powers that be that they are the future, and it would be incredibly difficult to argue against that after watching this performance.

Low Point: AJ Lee vs. Cameron

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    This match was just dreadful.

    It was filled with botches left and right, the crowd didn't care about it whatsoever and all it accomplished was eating up some time on the card.

    There isn't much else to say about it, since it was thankfully kept short.

    But as good as the match between The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield was, this was equally as bad.

Low Point: Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    The fans didn't give this match much of a chance, but it's up to Batista and Alberto Del Rio to turn things around and prove the crowd wrong.

    Sadly for them, that never happened.

    The audience chanted that it was boring, supported Del Rio in spite of what WWE would prefer them to do and cheered for non-participants like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

    Del Rio and Batista merely kept things on autopilot and did the bare minimum of what was necessary to get through the match.

    Is that going to prove the fans wrong and make them eat their words? No.

    If the WWE Universe isn't getting behind Batista, will a bland match really convince them to start getting excited?

    Absolutely not.

    It's a shame, as Batista is going to be one of the most heavily featured and promoted men going into WrestleMania, and this match seemed like it mattered less than even the Tag Team Championship fight.

Highlight: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

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    The outcome naturally is going to leave a lot of fans disappointed who were hoping for a title change, but putting that aside, this was the second-best match of the night.

    All throughout, there were fun spots, including Sheamus kicking through the pod to get to Orton, the natural finishing moves and reversals we could all expect, and just a general fun atmosphere.

    There were times in the match where people could believe that Bryan could come out on top. That's something that should always happen just to keep the crowd interested, so kudos to WWE for pulling that off.

    What do you think were the best and worst parts of the evening? Is there anything that didn't make this list, positive or negative?

    Sound off and leave your comments below!

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