Grading Philadelphia 76ers' Trade Deadline Performance

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IIFebruary 22, 2014

Danny Granger is the newest Sixer, and Spencer Hawes is now with the Cavs.
Danny Granger is the newest Sixer, and Spencer Hawes is now with the Cavs.Michael Conroy/Associated Press

The Philadelphia 76ers were easily the most active team at the NBA trade deadline making four different deals.

All of the deals were the result of the Sixers' new general manager Sam Hinkie.

Coming into the trade deadline, the Sixers had a high asking price for both Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner. ESPN's Marc Stein reported that Philly was hoping to get first-round picks for either player:

The Sixers, sources say, continue to hold out hope that they can acquire a future first-round pick for either forward Evan Turner or center Spencer Hawes before the Feb. 20 trade deadline. Both players become free agents in July.

The other big name who could have potentially been moved out of Philadelphia was Thaddeus Young. In fact, even though he ended up staying with the Sixers, it looked as though Young was close to being a part of a three-team trade according to Slam Online's Jake Fischer:

In the end, there were rumors after rumors about what Philly would end up doing, but nobody knew what would take place for sure. The final result was the Sixers acquiring a couple of players and number of second-round picks. How many second-round picks you might ask? Just take a look at what Grantland's Zach Lowe had to say:

The trade deadline has come and gone, so here's a look at how Philadelphia ended up after a day of deals.


Philadelphia 76ers Get: Henry Sims, Earl Clark, Two Second-Round Picks

Cleveland Cavaliers Get: Spencer Hawes

Trading Spencer Hawes reminds me of a lyric from rapper Lil' Wayne, "I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave." Now, we obviously would change the "her" to "he", and definitely don't mean it in the same way as Lil' Wayne did, but the lyric makes sense when you look at it.

Hawes brought so much effort, energy and intelligence to the floor. He consistently played as hard as he could, and his game began to round out lately competing for the Sixers. Seeing him go to another team was definitely the right move for the Sixers, it just sucks to lose a guy like him.

Goodbye Spencer Hawes, it was good having you.
Goodbye Spencer Hawes, it was good having you.Melissa Majchrzak/Getty Images

As hard as it might be to see him go, it's equally as beneficial to what Philadelphia is trying to do from an organizational standpoint. The Sixers have already waived Clark so he's not in the picture anymore, but don't be surprised to see something out of Sims. He was teammates with fellow Sixer Hollis Thompson for three years at Georgetown University, and displayed some passing skills for a 6'10" center during his time there.

This trade was the beginning of Hinkie stockpiling second-round draft picks. He wasn't able to get that first-round pick he wanted, but grabbing two second-rounders and a project in Sims was a very solid consolation.

Grade: B


Philadelphia 76ers Get: Eric Maynor, 2014 Second-Round Pick and 2015 Second-Round Pick

Denver Nuggets Get: Jan Vesely

Washington Wizards Get: Andre Miller

Look at the trade one more time and notice if you see the Sixers giving anything up in this trade. See anything?


Now, according to ESPN's Kevin Pelton (subscription required), the Sixers are expected to have to give up some low-quality second-round picks, but it's hardly anything to be worried about as you can tell:

On the crossing-the-T's front, Philadelphia will also have to come up with something to send to each of the other teams if this is structured as a three-team deal. Expect to see some top-55 protected picks involved.

Hopefully Maynor can help Philly off the bench.
Hopefully Maynor can help Philly off the bench.Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

Maynor has never really gotten the chance to show what he can do at the NBA level. The good news for him is that he's only 26 years old and he got traded to a team where nearly everyone gets a chance to show their stuff. It's unlikely, but the Sixers might have gotten a guy who could produce for their second-unit in the future.

The second-round picks are more of Hinkie working his magic. Philadelphia took on Maynor and his $2.1 million salary for next season and was rewarded with draft picks. It's definitely Hinkie's type of deal.

Grade: A


Philadelphia 76ers Get: Byron Mullens, Second-Round Pick

Los Angeles Clippers Get: Conditional Second-Round Pick

The Sixers traded away their perimeter threat at center, but were able to acquire the poor man's version of Hawes in Byron Mullens.

Mullens is far from a household name. His career numbers of 7.5 points, 4.3 rebounds and a 30.5 three-point percentage don't scream superstar to anybody. Still though, his 2012-13 season ended with averages of 10.6 points and 6.4 rebounds per game, so it looks like he's capable of putting together some good basketball.

There wasn't much more to this trade other than the Clippers freeing up cap space and a roster spot. It'll be interesting to see if Mullens makes Philly look smart for picking up his contract.

Grade: B-


Will Granger be with the Sixers for long?
Will Granger be with the Sixers for long?Fernando Medina/Getty Images

Philadelphia 76ers Get: Danny Granger, 2015 Second-Round Pick

Indiana Pacers Get: Evan Turner, Lavoy Allen

To be completely honest, the Sixers could have traded Turner for a bag of Brussels sprouts and this grade would have been the same.

The bottom line is that Philadelphia needed to move him and do its best to get something out of the former No. 2 draft pick. The Sixers would have had to either tender Turner an $8.7 million qualifying offer to make him a restricted free agent, or try their luck at signing him as an unrestricted free agent. Either option would have likely ended up in Philly paying Turner way more than he's worth or losing him and getting nothing in return.

Similar to Hawes, Hinkie wasn't able to get that first-round pick, but he ended up coming out of nowhere and grabbing Danny Granger from the Pacers. Granger is currently far from what he used to be, but acquiring him gives the Sixers some flexibility with their future.

The least beneficial options are to let his contract expire at the end of the year to open up cap space, or simply buy out Granger's contract so that he could play for a contender now. This option just doesn't really give the team much back except for an open roster spot. The best choice for Philadelphia would be to attempt a sign-and-trade at the end of the season. The chance of getting something for a former All-Star outweighs not getting anything for him.

Acquiring the 2015 second-round pick and moving Allen are small bonuses to doing what needed to be done. There was no point in keeping Turner around any longer than he needed to be. It was in the best interest of both parties to go their own ways, and Hinkie found a way to make it happen.

Grade: A-

The future isn't anything but bright for the Sixers.

The team is incredibly young and lacks much talent at all, but it's exactly how Hinkie wants it right now. Philadelphia has loaded up with the possibility of two lottery picks and enough second-round picks to potentially move up even further in the loaded 2014 draft.

Will the team get to where they want to go overnight? Absolutely not.

It's definitely going to take some time, but the Sixers have the potential to have an incredibly good team in three or four years.


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