1. Sixers Insiders: Tank, Year 3

  2. 76ers Convert Steal and Alley-Oop Late in 1st Quarter

  3. Listen: Okafor, 'Trusting the Process' & Dating the 76ers

  4. Nik Stauskas, J.P. Tokoto and Hollis Thompson in a three-point shooting drill. #Sixers http://t.co/6UdSiFW5H9

  5. Shooting guards Nik Stauskas, Hollis Thompson and J.P. Tokoto show range in another three-point drill. #Sixers #nba http://t.co/Ry4Dv5E2D0

  6. #Sixers Hollis Thompson doing shooting drill at end of practice. http://t.co/B73Ne6JY7N

  7. Hollis Thompson with the corner three, which was called off. The passer was called for traveling. http://t.co/tcl4xdszNN

  8. Hollis Thompson puts in extra work w/player development/assistant Billy Lange & staff member Curtis Sumpter. #Sixers http://t.co/cweOG7bPwq

  9. #NBA story (with scrimmaging video): Hollis Thompson at end of camp: 'I think we're pretty talented' http://t.co/j0FWVTg3y7 #Sixers

  10. #NBA story (with video): Hollis Thompson at end of camp: 'I think we're pretty talented' http://t.co/j0FWVTg3y7 #Sixers

  11. Former #GTOWN G/F Hollis Thompson w/ Hoyas coach John Thompson III in front of his framed No. 31 #Sixers jersey. http://t.co/xR1YFDUnF9

  12. Hollis Thompson's No. 31 #Sixers jersey hangs in #McDonoughGym at #Georgetown http://t.co/n8UFkWHzUF

  13. Hollis Thompson the most experienced Sixer on the floor right now. He does love that corner three #Sixers

  14. Great ball movement by the Sixers that led to a Hollis Thompson corner 3. Sixers up 18-16

  15. #Sixers Hollis Thompson was last guy working on shooting after practice.

  16. Hollis Thompson's getting beaten down the court on every possession. Porter has been his guy.

  17. Hollis Thompson improved last season, but he still needs to be more assertive (and shoot more). http://t.co/bSWgy58IOX

  18. #Sixers Hollis Thompson getting to basket (8 points off bench). Philly up 9 at end of first (30-21). Lopez with 10 for #Nets.

  19. Hollis Thompson showing his hops. #Sixers #nba https://t.co/WOkZLPfpSZ

  20. Hollis Thompson out tonight for rest. #Sixers

  21. #Sixers reserve Hollis Thompson will sit out the game to rest.

  22. Hollis Thompson knocking down threes after practice. #Sixers https://t.co/Eu0AvslFAw

  23. Hollis Thompson will start at small forward for #Sixers

  24. Hollis Thompson leads the Sixers in assists with one. #Sixers.

  25. Real nice step through on double team by Okafor to find Hollis Thompson for a three. #Sixers down 72-67

  26. With just 13 points in third quarter, the #sixers could have really used one of those 2 wide open Hollis Thompson 3's to find bottom of net

  27. Safe to say Jerami Grant, JaKarr Sampson and Hollis Thompson haven't exactly started the season the way Brown was hoping. #Sixers.

  28. Hollis Thompson, doing that one thing he does!

  29. Hollis Thompson with #postshootaround three-point reps #Sixers https://t.co/cTbKPTC6LI

  30. Back to back three's from Canaan and Hollis Thompson. Desperately need those two to get going.

  31. #Sixers up five after Hollis Thompson burries a three.

  32. Hollis Thompson with the reminder he's still alive, playing basketball for the Sixers.

  33. Hollis Thompson now 4-for-4 from three. Sixers down 19 as they call time.

  34. Gotta say, it is funny how many three's Hollis Thompson can hit when the game just doesn't matter anymore.

  35. Hollis Thompson with a big 3, and we're back within one, 62-61. Nerlens with a double double. 13 pts and 10 reb.

  36. With that bucket by Hollis Thompson with 1.3 seconds left in the half, the #sixers now have as many made field goals (17) as turnovers (17)

  37. Hollis Thompson’s shooting 44.0% from deep on 50 attempts this year. ☕️

  38. Chandler Parsons 8 of 10 for 20PTS. Rest of Mavs 12-36. Hollis Thompson leads Sixers with 9 PTS. Stauskas' struggles continue 0-3.

  39. Hollis Thompson missed a wide open layup, got the rebound and got fouled. Now he missed the foul shot WAY short. Makes second. 18-12 Pacers