John Calipari Makes Priceless Face at Julius Randle

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 19, 2014

GIf Screenshot via @CJZero

“What in the what was that?” 

This phrase could apply to a number of phenomena from Tuesday night’s game between Kentucky and Ole Miss.

You could’ve said it about Marshall Henderson’s shot selection (5-of-17 from the field), Ole Miss’ frontcourt defense or the fact that the Wildcats let the Rebels cut their 22-point lead down to six in the final minutes of the ballgame.

However, of all the ridiculous moments from this weird SEC throwdown, the one that left viewers dumbstruck and giggling involved an exchange between John Calipari and Julius Randle.

The strange sight was spotted by Nick Schwartz of For The Win, and GIFs of the occasion were crafted by the talented CJ Fogler.

Kentucky’s head coach looked at his freshman forward, cocked his head to one side and made a face you’ll never forget as long as you wear this mortal coil.

GIF via @CJZero

What was Calipari saying to Randle? Probably “Whaaaat?” But coming up with new ideas is infinitely more entertaining.


Fogler also reversed the GIF. Now what does it look like he’s saying?

GIF via @CJZero


Leave your Calipari “Bad Lip Reading” in the comments. This is going to be fun.


Stank! Hambone! Scone??