WWE Elimination Chamber: Guessing Outcome, Immediate Future of World Title

Tyler GroteCorrespondent IIFebruary 18, 2014

WWE Superstar Randy Orton celebrates victory during WrestleMania XXVI on March 28, 2010, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)
RICK SCUTERI/Associated Press

The WWE will finally have a shot to take things in a different direction this Sunday. Because of a diverse cast of characters entering the Elimination Chamber, the WWE Universe may finally get a refreshing dose of something new, something fresh.

Creative has clearly begun its plan to transform John Cena from WWE championship contender to in-ring promoter, and that's fine. I think the Universe has had its fair share of Randy Orton vs. John Cena. This has been the company's headline match for years now. 

The final chapter was written last week. With that masterpiece of mediocrity concluded, we persist under the hope of something new coming our way this Sunday. Perhaps a new era will take us into WrestleMania, and we're treated to a fun, exciting feud we have yet to experience.

Tailor your expectations. It probably won’t happen.

The string of losses by Orton seem to be nothing more than a ploy by creative. In my opinion, it's too simplistic. 

The WWE caters strongly towards fans under the age of 13, so it's not far-fetched for them to assume we're all anxiously biting our nails this morning following another evening when Orton lost a match to an Elimination Chamber contender. How could Orton possibly win this Sunday while on a losing streak of this magnitude?


Consider how much time and effort the company has put into building Orton's dreadful character. He's been deemed the "champion of champions." The first "undisputed" champion since, well, the last time the belts were one.

He's a Triple H prodigy, supposedly making Triple H look like the smartest guy in the room now that he's, I guess, living up to all that potential Triple H knew he had back in Evolution.

Think that’s irrelevant? Think about the opponent waiting for him at WrestleMania: Batista, another Triple H prodigy. You think they're going to miss out on an all-Triple H-prodigy WrestleMania main event? With Triple H running the show?

Where's Bad News Barrett when you need him? It's just not happening.

Mark it down: Randy Orton is going to win this match. Too much time has been spent building him into some historic, iconic WWE champion. I seriously doubt this is jeopardized by a sideshow pay-per-view like Elimination Chamber. Orton is going to WrestleMania the champion, much to our discontent, or at least mine.

Unless you heard something I didn't last night on Raw. I'm talking about the pops, or more accurately, the sad deflating noises coming from the audience when Orton's music hits. It's almost cringe-worthy. The company has devoted all this time and effort to make Orton some over heel, and the finite amount of pops he does receive when his music hits are cheers.

It isn't working. 

On the other side, Triple H can try to spin Batista as a face until he's dizzy. That also isn't working. There is simply nothing compelling about Orton vs. Batista, no matter who says who carried the other during Evolution, a stable nearly a decade old that's still regarded as relevant when these guys are on screen at once.

While six guys are entering the chamber on Sunday, we need only pay attention to two. Daniel Bryan has already been given a reason for not winning. Didn't you see his shoulder last night? Plus, how likely is it we see Kane take Bryan out? Honestly, someone has to play this role since CM Punk decided he wouldn't.

Christian? Sheamus? Just fillers. Antonio Cesaro will probably get some push during this match since he has mercifully garnered some momentum. Cesaro makes for a compelling case moving forward, but we're talking the distant future, if at all, considering the names at the top and who sponsors them.

John Cena is there because he’s still the biggest star the WWE has. He has to be in this match. Still, I'd be floored if he won. He’s there to get someone over, even if it’s Orton for the 50th time.

I want to be wrong. I'd like nothing more than for Bryan or Cesaro to capture the belt this Sunday at Elimination Chamber. Like many of you, I'm craving something different. I don't like stale wrestling angles anymore than I do stale pretzels. It's time for a change. Just don't expect it this Sunday.