NFL Re-Draft 2011

Scott SerlesCorrespondent IApril 24, 2008

For those of you not familiar with the concept of the Re-Draft, it is when you analyze a previous Draft, normally 3-5 years down the road and re-select the first round based on the on-field performance of the players from that particular draft.

In this instance I am going to re-select the 2008 Draft and predict which players are going to become impact NFL players 3 years from now. 

1.  Miami Dolphins

The Selection: Jake Long, OT, Michigan

Re-Draft Selection: Chad Henne, QB, Michigan

Bill Parcells and company will be kicking themselves for making Jake Long the number one pick in the '08 Draft.  Three years from now Long will be well on his way to NFL "bust-dom" while the man he was assigned to protect in college will become a star.

Chad Henne will be the premier player from this draft, guiding whatever team that selects him into the playoffs and becoming an elite NFL quarterback. 

While being overshadowed by Matt Ryan in this years draft, I have Henne number one on my board. In a few years the debate on who was the top QB in the '08 Draft will be a non-issue.

2. St. Louis Rams

Re-Draft Selection: Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

The Rams may very well select Dorsey with the number 2 pick Saturday.  In three years time the Warren Sapp comparisons will be justified and he will eventually become the measuring stick that every DT coming into the league will be judged against.

3. Atlanta Falcons

Re-Draft Selection: Branden Albert, OG, Virginia

Who knows where the Falcons are leaning towards on Saturday.  By 2011, Albert will have played in his second Pro Bowl and barring injury, Hawaii will become an annual event for this massive interior lineman. 

Albert could be opening up running lanes for the recently released Micheal Vick, who will once again electrify the NFL.

4. Oakland Raiders

Re-Draft Selection: DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal

This selection was basically made to appease Raider Nation, while Jackson won't be selected this high Saturday, I envision him to be a Devin Hester/Steve Smith hybrid.  With his great hands and blazing speed Jackson will become the NFL's most lethal weapon, whenever the ball is in his hands.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

Re-Draft Selection: Chris Long, DE, Virginia

If Long falls to the Chiefs on Saturday, it will make the Jared Allen trade that much sweeter. Howie Long terrorized the Chiefs for years, and now the younger Long will exact revenge on Raider Nation, by not only duplicating his father's success but eventually eclipsing his old-man altogether.

6. New York Jets

Re-Draft Selection: Bruce Davis, OLB, UCLA

Davis will fall on most draft boards Saturday, but in a few years time Davis will be the best edge rusher in the NFL from the OLB position.  He would be the perfect fit in Eric Mangini's 3-4 Defense.

7. New England Patriots

Re-Draft Selection: Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech

Flowers will be the player that revolutionizes the way college players are evaluated.  His 4.5 40 time at the combine will cause him to slip on draft day.  In 2011, he will have replaced Champ Bailey and D'Angelo Hall as the best shutdown corner in the NFL.

8. Baltimore Ravens

Re-Draft Selection: Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College

Baltimore may very well select Matt Ryan on Saturday, but it will be the guy who kept Ryan upright on Saturdays that will become an elite NFL player.  In 2011, Cherilus will be getting fitted for a championship ring along with Super Bowl MVP Troy Smith.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Re-Draft Selection: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

McFadden is going to be a great NFL running back who will compete with Adrian Peterson for the NFL rushing title for years to come. It is his off the field drama that may lead to discipline by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, making him a perfect fit for the Bengals, who petition to change the tiger stripes on their uni's to prison stripes. 

Goodell uncharacteristically signs off on it.

10. New Orleans Saints

Re-Draft Selection: Chevis Jackson, CB, LSU

While the Saints covet fellow Bayou Bengal Glenn Dorsey, his college teammate Jackson will be a nice consolation prize.  Jackson will again remind NFL scouts that a fast 40 time does not guarantee NFL success.

11. Buffalo Bills

Re-Draft Selection: Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri

Rucker will remind more NFL fans of Kellen Winslow than Winslow's own son.  With the re-emergence of J.P. Losman as starting quarterback the Bills will challenge the Patriots for NFL East supremacy.  Rucker becomes the best tight end in football and the Losman-Rucker combo becomes one of the most feared tandems in the NFL.

12. Denver Broncos

Re-Draft Selection: Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

With Travis Henry too busy juggling his 19 kids and 15 baby mama's, the selection of Jones would give the Broncos the cut-back runner that has become a staple of the Broncos running game. 

Jones, becomes a dual threat, challenging for the NFL rushing crown and leading the NFL in kick returns and returns for touchdown representing the AFC in the Pro-Bowl for special teams play.

13. Carolina Panthers

Re-Draft Selection: Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii

The Panthers are in desperate need for a QB, after trotting out David Carr, Matt Moore and the petrified Vinny Testeverde for the injured Jake Delhomme, it is apparent that Carolina needs to groom a young QB.

After a slow start to his NFL career, Brennan begins to come into his own in 2011 and reminds fans of a young Jake Plummer, for better or for worse.

14. Chicago Bears

Re-Draft Selection: Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois

Cedric Benson has a little bit of the Shaun "Tin-Man" Alexander disease and is not the answer at running back for the Bears.

The selection of Mendenhall would not only put the screws to Detroit Lions, who covet Mendenhall, but solidifies their running game, taking pressure off of new Bears starting QB Donovan McNabb.

15. Detroit Lions

Re-Draft Selection: Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State

In 2011, the Lions are once again the worst team in the NFL. Vernon Gholston will not fall this far Saturday, even if he did Matt Millen wouldn't select him.

Gholston will become an impact NFL player from day 1, but coaches will continue to question his heart and desire to play causing him to fall in my Re-Draft.

16. Arizona Cardinals

Re-Draft Selection: Justin King, CB, Penn St.

The Cardinals are going to need secondary help with the addition of Mike Martz and Al Saunders to the NFC West.

Justin King shows flashes of brilliance as he did at times for the Nittany Lions, but he also gets abused occasionally as he also did at Penn St.  Fortunately for the Cardinals, the only time he gets burned regularly is in practice by future Hall of Famers Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.

17. Kansas City Cheifs

Re-Draft Selection: Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St.

The Chiefs need a lot of help along their offensive line and hope to come out of this draft with someone who can open up running lanes for Larry Johnson.

Clady should be long gone by the 17th pick, and while he doesn't end up developing into an elite left tackle along the lines of Orlando Pace or Jonathan Ogden, Clady should become a solid NFL starter for many years in this league.

18. Houston Texans

Re-Draft Selection: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas

Dunta Robinson is injured and the Texans need an insurance policy in the event he never regains his Pro-Bowl form.

Talib, one of the draft's boom or bust prospects develops into a highly respected two-way player who also dominates on special teams.  In 2011, I look for him to have led the league in INT's at least once, and to have a couple of highlight worthy punt-returns.

19. Philadelphia Eagles

Re-Draft Selection: Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma St.

The Eagles are in need of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball to complement Kevin Curtis and Brian Westbrook.

While fellow "big" Big 12 receivers Malcolm Kelly and Limas Sweed will be selected ahead of Bowman on Saturday, it is Bowman's ability to make every catch and give Eagles QB Kevin Kolb and reliable weapon in the middle of the field that will seperate Bowman from his Big 12 contemporaries.  I look for Bowman, to become a poor man's Keyshawn Johnson and have a solid NFL career.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Re-Draft Selection: Jack Ikegwuonu, DB, Wisconsin

Tampa's secondary is aging and need to begin to add some youth to replace their fading All-Pro's.

Ikegwuonu's stock fell dramatically, from a potential first round pick to perhaps a priority free agent.  This plunge is in part to the fact he tore his ACL in January after declaring for the Draft and some of his off the field arrests that will cause teams to shy away from a player like Ikegwuonu with tremendous upside. 

He will mostly likely have to sit out the '08 season, but after three years and a switch to safety, Ikegwuonu will become one of the most feared hitter's in the NFL and highly revered for his coverage skills, I look for him to lead the league in fines and suspensions (for on-the-field conduct).

21. Washington Redskins

Re-Draft Selection: Jordan Dizon, OLB, Colorado

Rocky McIntosh tore his ACL and his MCL and the Redskins need someone to fill his shoes until he recovers.

Dizon was a tackling machine at Colorado. He may not be the flashiest player or the most athletic, but I envision him being a solid NFL Pro. He should consistently lead his team in tackles every season.

22. Dallas Cowboys

Re-Draft Selection: Eddie Royal, WR, Virginia Tech

Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens aren't getting any younger and the need to develop a wide receiver for Tony Romo to throw to will become more dire as time progresses.

Royal, has the strength and speed to become a dynamic complementary receiver.  I don't envision him ever being the number 1 guy, but I see his career being similar to the likes of John Taylor and Alvin Harper who were always second banana but feared in their own regard.

Royal reminds me alot of former Dolphins receiver Mark Duper.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

Re-Draft Selection: Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon

The Steelers need to get back to what they do best and that is pound the football inside with the running game to set up the pass.  Willie Parker is a good NFL back, but they need someone who can run between the tackles and get the tough yards.

Stewart, may never become the superstar that some have predicted,he should become a reliable NFL starter.  He would be a perfect fit in Pittsburgh where he could soften up the defense for Big Ben, giving him time to air it out to Santonio Holmes, who by 2011 is the most feared receiver in all of football.

24. Tennessee Titans

Re-Draft Selection: Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan

If the Titans don't get Vince Young any help on the outside, team's will continue to play 8 man fronts against him, daring him to run and pressuring him into forcing throws into tight spots.

Manningham's slow 40 time at the combine and his admission that he lied about marijuana use will hurt his stock this Saturday. 

That's too bad, because I watched a guy who could take over a game in college, I think he can do much of the same in the Pros.  Manningham will be named to a few Pro-Bowl's until he comes down with a case of the "Me-shawn," and ends up playing for 3 teams in 5 years.

25. Seattle Seahawks

Re-Draft Selection: Matt Forte, RB, Tulane

After ridding themselves of the "Tin-Man" and his contract, the Seahawks need to look to the future in terms of their ground game.  Julius Jones will not be the answer.

Matt Forte, reminds me a little of Jamal Lewis when I watched him play last season at Tulane.  While I don't believe he is going to have the same career trajectory of Lewis, he should make an immediate impact on the team that selects him. 

The words "underrated" and "Matt Forte" will come up alot during his NFL career, I envision he will play a key role in the success of any post-season contending team.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars

Re-Draft Selection: Andre Fluellen, DT, Florida St.

With the departure of Marcus Stroud, the Jags need somebody in the middle to partner up with John Henderson in hopes of dominating the very competitive AFC South.

I have watched FSU play a handful of times over the past few years and Andre Fluellen was somebody who could take over a game and disrupt an entire offensive game plan. 

While his lack of size, may hinder him from taking over games at the next level, Fluellen should become a positive contributor to any D-Line rotation.

27. San Diego Chargers

Re-Draft Selection: Kenny Phillips, SS, Miami (Fla)

Whomever the Chargers select in the first round will probably end up having a stellar NFL career, AJ Smith and company really have this draft process down to a science and the Chargers remain the deepest team in the league.

Phillips may never be as good as Ed Reed or Sean Taylor, but who is?  But I do think he will become a successful NFL Pro who will make NFL receivers think twice about coming across the middle.

Phillips is one of those guys who will become the leader of his defense and highly respected by his teammates and peers alike.

28. Dallas Cowboys

Re-Draft Selection: Kevin Smith, RB, C. Florida

The Cowboys are in need of a running back to complement the aggressive style of super stud Marion Barber.

People are sleeping on Kevin Smith. Yeah he may have gained 2,000 yards against inferior competition, but the guy was what, 81 yards from breaking Barry Sanders collegiate record for yards in a season? 

I will take a look at anyone mentioned in the same sentence as Barry Sanders, even old school Iowa St. record-setting running back Troy Davis.

While he may never chase down Emmit Smith's records in the Pros, he would be the perfect complement to Barber and the Cowboys' title hopes in Big D.

29. San Francisco 49'ers

Re-Draft Selection: Darnell Jenkins, WR, Miami (Fla)

With Mike Martz in town, the 'Niners need a quick, tough receiver to execute a variety of routes in his system.

Living in St. Louis, I know what kind of receiver it takes to make his aerial attack successful, Az-Hakim is the prototype, and I see many similarities in Jenkins.

There is not a tougher receiver or player in this Draft than Jenkins, he's is lightning quick and plays much faster than his timed 40 speed.

I have been hyping up this guy for the past several months leading up to the draft, and in the right system, he could potentially become a dangerous offensive weapon.  His coaches and teammates will love him and opposing defensive coordinator's will wince at the mention of his name.

30. Green Bay Packers

Re-Draft Selection: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennesse St.

Al Harris and Charles Woodson are very good NFL CB's, but the clock is ticking on their stellar careers, and the Packers need to develop a young corner to replace them in the not-so distant future.

Former first-round pick, Ahmad "Batman" Carroll is tearing up the AFL, so they might want to give him a call, but until then Cromartie should be a fine apprentice under the tutelage of Harris and Woodson.

Honestly, I have never seen Cromartie play; how many of you caught a Tennessee St. game last season?  I made this pick on raw combine numbers and NFL pedigree. The draft's a crap shoot anyway, right?

32. New York Giants

Re-Draft Selection: J Leman, OLB, Illinois

Giants need a young linebacker to replace Kawika Mitchell, there will be many options at the end of the first-round to do so, but J Leman really stood out in all the games I watched him play in.

Much like Zach Thomas at Texas Tech, whenever Illinois was on TV, Leman was always around the ball making plays.  If he can make half as many tackles in the NFL, he will become a star.

I hope you enjoyed the Re-Draft class of 2008, in my years as a fan of the draft and college football, I have been wrong as many times (Marcus Vick, Jimmy Williams, Rashaan Salaam) as I have been right on players (Zach Thomas, Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin). 

It will be a few years before we know for sure how good or how bad the class of 2008 is, and it will be just as long before we know how good (or bad) of a talent evaluator I am.


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