Detroit Red Wings-Pittsburgh Penguins: Wings Falter As Penguins Force Game Seven

Andrew PargoffCorrespondent IJune 10, 2009

PITTSBURGH - JUNE 09:  Rob Scuderi #4 and goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury #29 of the Pittsburgh Penguins defends the net against Johan Franzen #93 of the Detroit Red Wings during Game Six of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals at the Mellon Arena on June 9, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

If you can recall the play that happened with 1:41 remaining in the third period of Game Six, you have the Red Wings' fortunes, or misfortunes for that matter, in a nutshell.

Pavel Datsyuk head-manned a pass to the stick of Dan Cleary to give him a breakaway opportunity. Cleary decked backhand and was rejected by Marc-Andre Fleury. This sums up the Red Wings play in Game Six.

Time and time again.

Henrik Zetterberg had a shot off the post and two other glorious chances to bury the puck; all of which came to no avail. Cleary's botched breakaway echoes that same idea. Johan Franzen's backhand at an empty net was stopped by Rob Scuderi on his knees.

The Red Wings did not convert their scoring chances. You cannot win if you do not do so. Which I'm sure you all already know.

The Penguins did the opposite, and oddly enough, they find themselves back to square one.

The Penguins capitalized on a rebound shot and a wrap around. None of the games' three goals were pretty, but a goal is a goal.

If not for Chris Osgood, the score of this game could've been 10-1.

Fleury made crucial saves at key times though. [See opening lines]

I hate, hate, hate to say this being a die-hard Red Wings fan, but Pittsburgh deserved to win. They controlled a decent majority of the game, and they capitalized.

That says it all right there.

Datsyuk was dishing and dancing, but nothing came to fruition.

If I am Dan Cleary, I'm not getting a wink of sleep tonight. But it's okay, because Game Seven on Friday can be his time for redemption.

Home ice advantage? I don't think that's every rung more true than in this year's Finals.

Well played Pittsburgh, you're better than you were last year. But unfortunately, Marian Hossa will be getting his ring this year.