The Bulls Off-Season

Bryan HeathContributor IJune 10, 2009

Hey fellow Bulls' fans,

I'm not sure if any of you know me but I'm Bryan Heath. I am a scout for the Chicago Bulls it's a dream job. Here's some rumors that I've heard going around the locker room and who I've put in good reviews for in the draft. Keep in mind it's not just me, there are 28 scouts in the Bulls' organization and I'm fifth lowest in the chain, but here's the news.

Shaquille O'Neal: Believe it or not, I've heard A LOT of talk about him. The Bulls' coaching staff look at him as he can play two to three more years and teach so much to the younger players. Here is the rumors I've heard: Loul Deng and Jerome James for Shaquille O'Neal and Suns' second round 18th pick. The reason this could go down, is actually quite simple...Steve Kerr, now the GM of the Suns, was a big reason why the Bulls took Loul and has been wanting him ever since. With Dengs big contract I think this trade would be great, the only question is: What if Loul does play hows he is suppose to?

Ben Gordon: He's the scorer that's for sure. Where's the passing? The rumor is a four year 47.5 million contract (which if you think about it Hinrich almost makes as much). Gordons agent, Raymond Brothers has been spotted numerous times but has stated that Ben will explore his options including with the Olympiakos (greek). Ben loves Chicago and will stay if the price is right.

Kirk Hinrich: It all depends on what happens with BG. Its simple I've heard if BG re-signs, we trade Hinrich. BG doesn't re-sign, Hinrich stays. Draft day trade alert: Hinrich for Brian Cardinal and T-Wolves second round 15th pick.

Position Changes: If the Shaq deal does go down, Tyrus Thomas will become backup PF and will play some SF. Noah will move over to PF and be the starter. Don't be surprised if this happens a lot. And Noah will be a C after Shaq is gone. Also Bulls are working on a two year extension for Noah.

Draft: If everything does go down, it looks like we will have the first round 16th and 26th, second round 15th and 18th.

This link has everyone who has worked out so far: 

Most liked players (in favorite order): Gerald Henderson, Taj Gibson, Chase Budinger, Jodie Meeks, and Brandon Jennings. According to Del Negro he loves Henderson.

PREDICTIONS: Henderson, Gibson/Budinger, Meeks, Harangody. My Favorite player who I've put a lot of word in for is Taj Gibson....he's visited twice! Don't be surprised if they trade both second rounders to a first and try to get Gibson and Budinger—they love both. I've also but alot of word in for Jodie Meeks—he would be a great player to take Gordons' spot. Also if Hinrich is gone we will take a PG in the draft.

FAs: Jarrett Jack and Von Wafer were invited for a workout. Drew Goodens' agent was also spotted.