2009 NFL Preview: 32 Sentences for 32 Teams

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2009 NFL Preview: 32 Sentences for 32 Teams
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Every year, millions of football fans spend money on all sorts of NFL season preview magazines, myself included, and I think it's about time somebody delivers a preview in CliffsNotes. Not only will it create a challenge to this writer, but hopefully save somebody out there money on an aforementioned preview magazines. Probably not, but hey, let's give it a shot.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: Terrell Owens brings some much needed attention to a team suffering a playoff drought eclipsed only by the Detroit Lions, but getting their popcorn ready isn't going to get them over that hump.

Miami Dolphins: If 2008 showed us anything, it's to always expect the unexpected, in terms of offensive formations and quick turnarounds.

New England Patriots: Tom Brady has a chance to take his legacy to the next level if he returns the Pats to prominence after a year off.

New York Jets: Baltimore players used to rave about their former defensive coordinator, so they followed him to the Big Apple.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: A sophomore slump may prove Joe Flacco was a fluke-o.

Cincinnati Bengals: Carson Palmer has got to be looking forward to the day that his contract is up.

Cleveland Browns: Eric Mangini has more than his fair share of work cut out for him, but at least he is turning over that awful roster as quickly as possible.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Big Ben and Co. want to let everyone know they deserve this decade just as much as the Pats.

AFC South

Houston Texans: Behind a suddenly-stacked defense and the explosive play of Steve Slaton, this could be the darkhorse team of 2009.

Indianapolis Colts: Have done very little to make significant strides to return to the Super Bowl, and they might miss Tony Dungy more than expected.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jack Del Rio should be praying that Torry Holt can bring back the David Garrard of 2007.

Tennessee Titans: Have a big void to fill with the loss of Albert Haynesworth on the defensive line.

AFC West

Denver Broncos: Josh McDaniels, what are you thinking?

Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel is a solid quarterback, but let's not forget he had a team around him in New England.

Oakland Raiders: Yawn.

San Diego Chargers: The only team that can stand in front of the Chargers in the West is, well, the Chargers.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: The departure of T.O. should give us an answer on what the real Tony Romo looks like.

New York Giants: The return of Osi Umenyiora should provide the team enough of a spark to overcome the loss of Plaxico Burress.

Philadelphia Eagles: Brian Westbrook continues to be the most underrated player in the NFL today, if not all time.

Washington Redskins: The Redskins once again spent tons of money on a player they hope will turn around their franchise.

NFC North

Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler gives the team a legit NFL quarterback, with no legit NFL receivers.

Detroit Lions: The team should paint a mural on the Ford Field roof, so Matthew Stafford has something to look at while he's on his back all season.

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers should only look better after a season of coming out of Brett Favre's shadow.

Minnesota Vikings: If the Purple People Eaters want a turnover machine at quarterback, they should just stay with Tavaris Jackson and avoid the drama.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: Brought in Tony Gonzalez to make sure Matt Ryan doesn't suffer the sophomore slump.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers will once again try to escape NFL mediocrity and return to relevance.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints hope the Drew Brees aerial show can make them the division's elite team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It's put up or shut up for a team that just fired its Super Bowl-winning coach.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: Organization finally has some swagger, now it's time to see if it can shake the Super Bowl loss to come back stronger.

St. Louis Rams: Only interesting note here is the team is up for sale.

San Francisco 49ers: Mike Singletary has the team headed in the right direction, but major questions remain on defense and at quarterback.

Seattle Seahawks: They keep on signing receivers instead of offensive line help.

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