How to Tell You're in a Toxic Relationship with Your Team

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How to Tell You're in a Toxic Relationship with Your Team
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"You're an idiot. You are drunk."

These are the lines spinning in your head as you punch the digits into your phone. This is so stupid. Then again, you knew it would come to this.

Three hours ago you were fine—a solid rock. You were sitting on the couch, watching the game and praying just to feel a hint of that old spark. But then, the same thing happened that always happens. Your team lost a winnable game, and you drank all the Fireball.

Now you're lying on your bed as the phone rings. Dear God, you shouldn't be doing this. You are so stupid. 

"Hello?" comes a voice at the end of the line. "Who is this? Hello?"


"Listen, mister—this is Pete Carroll you're messing with. I can hear you breathing! Why do you keep call-" 


This is a dramatization of unhappy fans fantasizing about other teams—just one of the many telltale signs of toxic fan-team relationship.

Just like a relationship between two people, a stagnant bond between fans and his/her team is an unhealthy arrangement for both parties. They can be saved, but first you have to identify the problems.

The following are 10 questions that can help determine if you and your squad are in a toxic relationship. Just remember, relationships can be saved, but it's going to take some honesty and work from both sides.

Now it's time to pass the conch. Tim Tebow and Cleveland Browns fans first.

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