Badge Designs for David Beckham's Miami MLS Team

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 6, 2014

Badge Designs for David Beckham's Miami MLS Team

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    On Wednesday, David Beckham held a press conference in Miami to officially declare his return to MLS—this time, as an owner.

    The vague public announcement left many questions unanswered, including where the team would play, what their colours would be and what they will be called. 

    Since fellow future MLS side NYCFC recently put up a competition asking fans to design its new crest, we thought we would get similarly creative with the badge for Beckham's new outfit.

Goldenballs FC

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    During his press conference, Beckham was asked if the team would be called "Goldenballs FC," according to the official MLS Soccer website.

    The former England star laughed it off, but there's a lot of phallic potential in the logo.

Miami Hot

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    The Miami Heat are the most successful NBA team in the country, so it makes sense to ride their coattails by completely ripping off their logo.

Miami Spice

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    Nothing evokes the image of Miami like Don Johnson in a white suit, sliding over the bonnet of a Camaro with a gun in his hand.

    Beckham would do well to play on the title of the popular '80s TV show. His former Spice Girl wife could even be involved in the kit design.

    Heck, they could even play "Spice up Your Life" as the teams come onto the field.

The Miami Manatees

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    Florida used to absolutely adore its manatees.

    A trip to Sea World wasn't complete without being bombarded with information about these lumbering aquatic mammals (now, of course, you are bombarded with the shame of actually being at Sea World).

    Perhaps Beckham should make it his duty to bring the focus back to these endangered creatures via his football team.

    Manny the Manatee as a club mascot, anyone?

Miami Metrosexuals

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    According to Yahoo's Dirty Tackle blog, Betfair are offering odds of 20-1 for the new team to be called the Miami Metrosexuals. 

    This logo would look great in this season's colours printed on the side of a manbag.


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