Washington Redskins: Super Bowl Bound: Man of Honor

James TurnerCorrespondent IJune 8, 2009

James Turner walks up to the podium to give his press conference:


Reporter One: Mr. Turner, how does it feel to be back apart of this Washington Redskins organization?

"It feels good to be back as apart of the Washington Redskins this season. I'm feeling refreshed. Ready to get back with the team and prepare us for a very long season this year."


Reporter Two: Now when you say a long season, what do you mean by that? And do you expect your team to do better than the 8-8 season that you guys put together last year?

"I believe we're going to do better than people's expectations. You see people don't really know the abilities that we are capable of. People don't really understand that we have the tools to do great this season. And when I say great I mean not only make the playoffs but make a run at the Lombardi trophy."


Reporter One: What makes you so sure that your team is capable of making it to the big dance? That's pretty much what you're telling us right?

"Let me tell you something miss. We're better than a lot of the teams in the NFL. And truth be told, we have the players, coaching staff and the tenacity to be the best team in the National Football League."


Reporter Two: You guys still went 8-8 last year. After a 6-2 start, then you guys dropped six out of eight. That's unheard of these days. You think you guys really going to strive to become a better team?

"One thing I love about your reporters is that you guys remind me of haters. Haters are people who always find something to hate on about a person, place or thing. I believe that's called a noun. Even when there isn't a reason to hate, haters find something to hate about.

"We're already a better team than last year. We're not only going to have a better record than 8-8. We're going to win the NFC East. Did you just not hear me say that to you when you asked me last time? Just like a hater, never listens, just criticizes.

"Last season, we started out with a tough loss in New York to the Giants. Everybody were ready to throw us under the bus. We then win four straight games including two tough road games against the Cowboys and Eagles. Still everyone wrote us off and we get to a 6-2 record.

"But with every team, you're going to have some type of adversity. And people who are true NFL fans have witness the Redskins overcome some serious adversity over the last couple of years.

"Back in the '05-'06 season, we lost three straight to go 5-6. Everyone wrote us off, but what did we do? We win our last five games of the season to get into the postseason. Now despite what people say, not every team can come through in the clutch and win their last five games at the end of the season. Especially, with the last three games against their divisional opponents. But we did it with convincing fashion."


Reporter Three: But Mr. Turner. What does this have to do wit-.

"I'm not done ma'am. HATERS! '07-'08 season, we lose three straight games to go 5-6. That next week, our fallen soldier, our teammate, our friend, our family member goes down with us. We lose that next game to Buffalo at home.

"Two timeouts were called. The field goal goes in. Our hearts are broken. The stadium is in tears. That had to be the worst feeling ever for me as a professional athlete, maybe in my life.

"We go to Sean's funeral the next day. Get ready for a Thursday night game where our starting QB goes down for the rest of the season. Our team is on IVs as we were gasping up air to finish the game but we come out with the victory.

"We then beat the Giants at their stadium in a game where the Giants win and they're in. We then go to Minnesota to play Adrian Peterson and those fiesty Vikings. If they win they're in. We hold Peterson to under 40 yards and ended their chances to make the postseason.

"We then beat our archrival Dallas Cowboys in the season finale to make the postseason"


Reporter Four: Now what does that have to do with what we were talking about?

"It has a lot to do with this situation. We're a team that has overcome adversity year after year. Just like those times that I just mentioned, we had a man who sometimes seemed like God himself.

"There will never be another Joe Gibbs. There aren't too many coaches that can bring a team together after losing a teammate who was also the key to our success and arguably the best player on our team. Joe Gibbs determination and character is something you can NEVER EVER replace.

"Now we have a different coach, a rookie coach in Jim Zorn. He started our season right out of the gate. Then, adversity hit us and we didn't respond as a team like we did with Gibbs. We were use to Gibbs. Now we have Zorn. We got on a losing skid and things got out of hand."


Reporter Three: So do you feel you guys have fixed your problems with the coaching staff and the owner and ready to serious bid for a Super Bowl title? And what makes you so sure your team is actually ready?

"Let me tell you something, Jim Zorn said it best to us last year. He told us that he doesn't want to just have a team that's trying to fight for just a playoff spot. He wants to build a team that's ready for a fight for that Lombardi trophy. That look in his eyes said so much to us in our that locker room.

"You know why we're ready for a Super Bowl run? Because we have all the tools to contend for a Super Bowl.

"We had a hell of a draft the last two seasons. We drafted the rookie receivers just to get them ready for this season. We're expecting a lot out of Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelley, even big Fred Davis. This should be their breakout year. We have high expectations out of them.

"We were one of very few teams to rank in the bottom eight in sacks and still rank in the top five defenses of last season. That shows a lot of dedication and team defense we had played together.

"Now we have revamp our defensive line. Andre Carter is looking for a breakout year. Phillip Daniels is back and our new DE/LB Brian Orakpo to make plays. Then, how can we forget about the big bruiser in free agency, Albert Haynesworth. Our secondary is still intact. London Fletcher will be the captain of our defense. So I fear for whoever goes up against us this year.

"We have an offense that's looking to be more productive than last year. Clinton Portis is perhaps in his best shape in his whole career. He's dropped some pounds, almost close to 15 so he can gain that speed and balance he once had back in Denver.

"Our weakness we have fixed. We got Derrick Dockery back. We have a healthy line ready to open up these holes and protect for our QB who's going to lead us to the promise land.

"For everyone who has put down Jason Campbell throughout the past year are going to get a rude awakening. One thing about a QB that plays off emotion is when you nag at his emotions and do things like try to trade him for a whiny QB or trade up for an unproven rookie, it tends to get under his skin. He may not say much about it but rest to sure Campbell is ready to play lights out football this season.

"So say what you want about Campbell. He's in his contract year and he will prove to not only us or the fans but to himself that he is the man for this job. So look forward to seeing Jason Campbell in the pro bowl this year.

"Last but not least, we have a great coaching staff, led by the man Jim Zorn. I told you all last year that Jim Zorn was the man that was going to lead us to the promised land. After a year getting comfortable with him, I stand behind that 100 percent.

"Jim Zorn is the modern day Joe Gibbs. He has the character, the faith, the belief and knowledge to build a team. Gibbs assemble a good squad in his four years here and Zorn is putting the finishing touches to it. One thing Zorn has over Gibbs these days is that edge to succeed. And trust that he will succeed."


Reporter Four: So what is your position with this organization this year?

Reporter One: You played in this league for 13 years now. You started off with Washington, left to San Diego and spent your last five years with the Redskins.

Reporter Three: What brought you back to sign this two-year contract at the age of 34?

Reporter Two: What do you plan to bring to the team this year?

"What brought me back to sign this two year contract this year? Let's see. My body is not as what it use to be. I can't jump as high as I use to. I don't have the acceleration I once had. I can't even make my elusive jukes that have separated me from the pack.

"I still have my talents that I need to succeed in this league. I can still catch the ball as well as any player in this league. I still can get off the line and run my routes. I can still defend the pass very well. I can still hit you and make solid tackles.

"I bring that leadership that this team needs. I bring the confidence this team has. I bring the ability to make plays in the clutch. I'm the security blanket for the QB and the playmaker that I've always been. Last but not least, I have the will to will this team to victory. That's what I still can bring to this Washington Redskins organization."


Reporter Four: So tell us, Mr. Turner: What should everyone expect from the Washington Redskins this coming season?

"A team who doesn't slack and put their all into every play and every position. A team that is willing to stick it to the best of teams and run over the competition of the teams that are not so good. Expect the unexpected.

"We have very high expectations and we will do everything in our power to come out on top of the NFC East. Expect us to succeed in the postseason make a run for that Lombardi trophy. Rest to sure when January comes around, everyone will be talking about the Washington Redskins. Thank you for your time."


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