Latest CM Punk Update; WWE Upset with Leak?

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2014


It's been almost a week since CM Punk quit the WWE, but speculation is still raging over whether the departure of Punk is a work or a legitimate parting of the ways.

For instance, Punk's WWE profile page is still active on the WWE website, something the WWE often delete if a Superstar leaves the company. That has led many to believe it is all a work in advance of WrestleMania XXX—but there could be other reasons behind Punk's page still being active.

Per Marc Middleton over at (via, WWE officials reportedly wanted to keep the row between Punk and Vince McMahon secret, as there is hope the issue can be sorted out:

The CM Punk situation is personally being handled by Vince McMahon himself, as opposed to Triple H or WWE's Talent Relations department.

WWE officials are not happy at all about the story getting out and there being a big deal publicly. The hope was to keep it as an internal issue and deal with it within the company.

Perhaps that suggests that while it certainly is not a work from the WWE, it is not impossible that CM Punk could return to the company in the coming weeks or months. That is news that will surely please many wrestling fans all across the globe—as the reaction to Punk's departure leaking has been far from calm.

It is also interesting to note the first part of that quote, which details how Vince McMahon has stepped in to take care of the situation. That will strike up memories of the stunt the company pulled over Punk's "departure" back in 2011—when he left the company with the WWE Championship.

That could indicate that McMahon is serious about getting Punk back on board as quickly as possible, despite the acrimonious departure that reportedly occurred last week.

Perhaps even more perplexing is the fact the company are not happy about the departure of Punk leaking. Given the prominent use of social media in this day and age, combined with Punk being completely written out of the script for both Raw and SmackDown, it is hard to imagine how the WWE felt they could keep it quiet.

It will be interesting to see how things turn out—but it would surprise few if it all turned out to be a work from the company. Given the crowd reactions at WWE events over the past couple of weeks, perhaps the company is trying to do something dramatic to claw back some popularity.