Feud with John Cena Will Elevate Bray Wyatt's Career

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured Columnist IVApril 10, 2017

credit: wwe.com

John Cena came within an eyelash of becoming the new WWE world champion at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event when Bray Wyatt suddenly showed up and cost him the match. The Wyatt Family's appearance during the main event was very unexpected, to say the least.  And now some fans are likely wondering if this moment could lead to a rivalry between the two men.

If the answer to that question is yes, then it could very well be that Bray Wyatt's career is headed for a major upswing.  That upswing would be fueled by Cena, the catalyst that will elevate Bray's career in WWE.

At this point, some fans are likely wondering why it took this long for Bray to attract the kind of attention that comes from working a program with Cena.  After all, his character seems custom-made for the WWE spotlight.  

This is mostly due to his charisma and enigmatic naturetwo qualities that have helped other Superstars in the past.

Jeff Hardy is a great example of this.  His persona was that of an enigma, a man who marched to his own rhythm and would not conform to what the corporate machine expected him to be.  Despite what was happening around Hardy, the truth is that he always seemed to be above it all.  He existed in his own little world.

jeff hardy
jeff hardycredit: wwe.com

That could have been what led to his popularity with WWE fans who wanted something a bit different from their main event stars.  Hardy was definitely a change of pace from the stereotypical WWE talent fans had been accustomed to seeing.

This undoubtedly represents the desire of fans who want to see Wyatt succeed in the company. The truth is that despite the fact he's heel, Bray is likely appreciated for the work he's doing and for his willingness to totally embrace his character.

Bray so completely inhabits the role of the maniacal non-conformist that, at times, he does not appear to be playing a character at all.  It's as if Bray truly led The Wyatt Family down from the creepy back hills of some southern town right to the front door of WWE.

He is that good at what he does.  And perhaps now his efforts will begin to pay off.

The reason for that is Cena.  Cena is WWE's top guy, the face of the company.  This means that whoever he works will join him in the main event.  This could do wonders for a talent that is perhaps still growing, a Superstar who does not necessarily have enough history to work the last match on the card but has enough to at least test the waters.

john cena at the royal rumble
john cena at the royal rumblecredit: wwe.com

And this is perhaps the best time for Wyatt to test those waters.

Bray is coming off a major win over Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble.  Bryan has been red hot as of late, and his popularity has led him to become the must-see Superstar in WWE.  His work in the ring is exceptional, and his reputation of consistently delivering one fine performance after another is nearly without equal.

To get a clean win over him did more for Bray than perhaps anyone really knows right now.  But considering that Bryan defeated Cena at last year's SummerSlam event, then it's safe to assume that theoretically, Bray's win against Bryan would now favor him over Cena.

Basically, it comes down to the fact that there's always a bigger fish.  But is that what fans are seeing with Wyatt?

Is Bray now poised to succeed on the main event level?  And is working Cena a means to making that happen?

The fact is that of all the heels currently in WWE, Bray could actually be the best fit for Cena. Bray's distrust of the WWE machine is a direct statement against Cena, who is the symbol of the company. WWE and Cena are synonymous, and with that being the case, it's easy to see why Bray would have no problem attacking Cena and leaving him for dead.

the enigmatic bray wyatt
the enigmatic bray wyattcredit: wwe.com

Cena is a WWE icon, and Bray would likely love nothing more than to tear him down.  

On the other side of that, however, is the fact that even though Wyatt is respected by many fans for what he brings to the table, he is still very much a heel.  Working opposite of Cena, who is the ultimate babyface in so many ways, is the perfect mix of personalities.  The end result is a traditional rivalry, one that is predicated on good vs. evil, in its purest form.  

Working Cena on any level has the potential to elevate a WWE Superstar, if only because of his place in the company.  But after witnessing how this new angle with The Wyatt Family began, it appears as though Bray could be given much more than any fan could even imagine.

While it's still much too early to know what will happen, the fact is that Wyatt stepped onto a whole new level when he and his family attacked Cena.  A once-rising midcard career has now jumped straight up the ladder to the main event level.

And that is exactly where so many fans believe Bray should have been for quite a while now.